Welcome to Faducciuk!

      Welcome to Faducciuk!

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Expert craftmanship with a touch of next generation technology...
Find out what makes our cards unique!

Welcome to Faducciuk!

Hey guys! Welcome to Faducciuk This is the introduction of our amazing company that was established in 2020

FADUCCI specialises in bespoke cards.

With a range of luxury materials and creativity, we are proud to say all of our cards are hand made and designed with love.

Our company was created online in 2020 by the founder Syeda Fathima Alim.

We welcome customers across the world to enquire with us about their dream cards and we will endeavour to make every occasion truly magical.

Expert craftmanship with a touch of next generation technology

Our occasional cards which includes the Wallet, Insert (personalisation available), Box All in one!

Interested already? I thought so! Well let us show you what we do. Watch until the end.

We can do Luxury Invites for...



Bridal shower (invitations)

Wedding anniversary

Bridesmaid Proposal Invites


Mother's day

Father's day

And Many More

Make someone feel special today by gifting them our unique, luxury gift cards! Why not check our social media? Instagram: @faducciuk Tiktok: @faducciuk Facebook: @faducciuk Pinterest:@faducciuk (And follow us aswell!)

Also check out our website! I will send the link in comment box below for you all to see! Go on... click it! I know you want a peek!

Also please do give this a shoutout! It could really support small businesses like ours

And follow us on Commaful! For more updates, comments on our company! We wont be posting things everyday. But we will be posting things so stay tuned and we will see you next time! Bye!

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