Cigarette on Ashtray
on Ashtray pain stories
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fadhillainggita Quiet black pen girl's writing poetry
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You.. put out me
Like a cigarette
on ashtray

Cigarette on Ashtray

by fadhillainggita

Night has story

When the moon and stars kiss the darkness

And give a little romance light to universe

It was like our own story



you are too far

to hug

You are too far

to reach

How could I be with you

Even a bus can't take me

close to you

Even a plane can't make me

fly to you

You ignite me

then suppress me

Put out me

Like a cigarette on ashtray

So I walk alone

without a plan

take me to a not strange place

I peek behind the thick foliage

In the eccentric wooden chairs

The place where we ever shared the tales

On the spot in the downtown

I hold my pace to get there

Just because remember you

Make me uncover missed

That should have been extinguished

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