A Meal to Die For
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"A Meal to Die For" Once upon a time, years ago, there used to be two friends named Ibrahim and Nabel.

A Meal to Die For

Once upon a time, years ago, there used to be two friends named Ibrahim and Nabel.

Nabel and his good friend Ibrahim were planning on going to a nearby farm out in the country to slaughter goats for the upcoming Eid al-Adha.

So on an early Eid al-Adha morning, Nabel and his son Hazem accompanied by Ibrahim and his two sons Yacoub and Ahmed, headed towards the farm. But this Eid al-Adha was different.

Nabel and Ibrahim planned to slaughter more goats than the usual! This was partly due to the cheap prices the goats were sold at which was a mere 40 dollars! This was unheard of!

Nabel was a man of few words and was known to wipe a plate of meat and rice clean.

This was an offer he was not about to pass up; and so it was decided that Ibrahim, Nabel and their sons would slaughter ten goats.

"Ten goats?" you may ask. Yes, ten goats! I want the reader to keep in mind that Nabel was an ex-butcher at one point and so he had the skills and speed to get the job done in a timely manner.

Nabel loved all kinds of meat, chicken, beef, or lamb. It was very dear to him and he was a traditional man.

Towards the end of their day, the two men and their sons packed up all the meat inside their van after evenly dividing it between them. Nabel's son Hazem takes a lot after his father.

Like his father, he also loves meat and has gained his father's attributes.

The men then packed all of the meat in their van. After there job was done they jumped into the vehicle and drove off home.

During their ride back however, ibrahim was driving his vehicle and without a trace or sign comes a BANG and BOOM! Their van was hit real hard!

Nabel's door was impacted by another vehicle slamming him straight into Ibrahim,

ejecting Ibrahim with the bags of goat meat from the drivers seat onto the highway pavement knocking the air out his lungs.

There Ibrahim laid out unconscious beside the rest of the goat meat ejected from the vehicle alongside him for all to see.

Meanwhile, Nabel was also laid out in the front seats unconscious with pieces of goat meat flung at every direction in his van.

"WHAT, WHERE ARE WE, WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER? WHAT IS GOING ON?" repeated his father after waking up from a serious deep sleep on the side of the highway. Ibrahim was bloody from head to toe.

His forehead had a huge gash spewing blood everywhere. It was obvious at this point that Ibrahim had lost his memory from the impact that was directed to his head.

The paramedics and onlookers were shocked by all the meat and blood. It looked like a crime scene. Ten goats splattered around the vehicle and onlookers and pedestrians were horrified.

Nabel was in a vegetative state, like a sort of deep sleep. Nothing would wake Nabel up and it was almost presumed that he was dead. Nothing looked ok about the situation.

It looked like the Rwandan genocide. Onlookers and paramedics were terrified.

Nabel awakens from his coma weeks after being in a hospital bed feeling tired and in dire pain. Nabel had suffered rib and collar bone fractures.

After coming back to his waking state, his dear wife presented him with a fresh homemade meal.

Ibrahim was sent home with an arm and neck brace after receiving 11 stitches to the topside of his forehead; to them this was just a bloodbath, that was unseen and unexpected.

Perhaps if Nabel slaughtered two to three goats he may have made it home that day or is fate destined to us all no matter what the circumstances may be?

I don't know if there is a moral to this story but if there was, what would it be?

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