What people think of COVID-19 Collab
What people think of COVID-19 Collab  covid 19 stories

faded_colors Uh why are you here 😏😏😏😏😏
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Collab with a bunch of friends about COVID-19

What people think of COVID-19 Collab


I like it because my exams get postponed! I hate it because I cannot go outside and play with animals such as cats. (She also hates death juice- Don't drink!)


It may be a horrible disease but- humanity must work together to stop it and that's the only thing I like about it, I don't like it because you have to wear masks.


I think that people should stay home and not be stupid! ( I'm the coolest dude alive ) <-- he says


I think COVID-19 honestly sucks. People are getting divided and others are dying. It really kinda sucks because we have to stay apart to make it better.

Also it's saddening to see people this way.


I think that we shouldn't worry about food items or toiletries- because we can still go to the store anytime we please.

I Also think this is ridiculous, and people need to calm down before it gets serious.

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