The Ocean Knows How to Cry
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Being understood is the most underrated feeling.

The Ocean Knows How to Cry

She followed the industrial-looking metal stairs, which fit the irregular ups and downs of the cliffs as if they naturally grew there.

A few steps before the endless stairway disappeared into the deep blue, she stopped to sit down. The combination of hard metal underground and cool breeze made her whole body shiver.

She had gone there to escape from her own thoughts for a while, expecting the usual calm, soothing rhythm of the ocean.

But what she found matched her current state of mind so perfectly it was borderline comedic: an ocean full of troubled water, conflicting impulses - chaotic and impossible to comprehend.

A loud pounding sound, similar to someone banging on a door, drew her attention. Her body still shaking, she instinctively turned around to scan her surroundings for the source of the noise.

All she could find was a dory, loosely tied to a brittle wooden pole not too far away from the stairs.

The boat was subject to the powerful lapping of the water around it,

and every now and then an extraordinarily forceful wave picked the tiny thing up and repeatedly threw it against the rough cliffs.

She found herself relating to the small boat that looked like it was struggling to hold on to its anchor.

She felt like the floundering boat, even though there were others upside down or scattered on the ground.

The overused slogan 'We're in this together', constantly echoing in her head like an annoyingly catchy song, was not helpful either.

After all, no army of boats could prevent each other from drowning if they had to be six feet apart at all times.

The unpredictable mass below her seemed to agree with her thoughts and applauded by sending thunderous breakers towards the shore.

Some of them splashed onto the steps below her and swallowed yet another part of the stairway. She now was much closer to the water than before

Though it was almost too close for comfort, she did not shrink back but remained calm.

It felt like being an adrenaline-driven tightrope dancer, who is treading the line between performing and falling. At that moment she was leaning towards the latter.

A single salty drop hit her knee, and a single salty drop from below hit her other knee.

She felt understood. No one had ever cried with her before.

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