Once in a blue moon
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fabuloustintin I just love creating new universes.
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Once in a blue moon, one boy meets the other

Once in a blue moon

by fabuloustintin

And here I am

Standing under the lamp and waiting for my lover to come

It is cold night and that got me thinking about how my lover can keep me warm

How good his love feels

How right his body feels when it is pressed againts mine

His blue eyes staring at me, makes me love myself more

Oh, how alive I feel when his lips are on my neck

And his hands on my hips

Even though it sounds like a cliché, I can not help it

He is my best version of heaven

Suddenly I see him approaching

He wraps me in his arms and kiss me

There is a passion, there is a desire but most importantly there is a realness

The moment when I am truly me and he is truly him

Our created momentum that can not be stolen

And at that particular moment I think:

What is so bad about boy kissing another boy?

He is so beautiful as he wakes up at the morning, memories of our night together forever written in his smile

And as he leaves back to his life without me

It is the worst version of hell I know

And all that is left

Once in a blue moon

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