What keeps me writing?
What keeps me writing? writing stories

fabio Just writing without reason
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The love for writing is just too powerful to just let down

What keeps me writing?

It’s obvious that I’m a person who likes to write, but there’s so many reasons I don’t, or even can’t sometimes

1-2 years ago, I wrote my first ever short story, stupid titles, dumb characters, weirdly deep literature with a unique plot. I loved it

It was only 2 pages or so, but I kept on writing with that plot. It seemed to have so much potential. Those few pages turned to a 20 page story. I was on a roll

But then, 8 months later, I just stopped. I suddenly lost interest in the writing

I could blame it on school, work, lack of time, or even depression. But I guess I had no real reason to stop

It really ate away at me. Constantly I kept coming up with ideas, saying things like “I’ll put that in a story”, never actually going through with it

I yearned for that feeling of being able to put my thoughts down onto paper, wether it was through a story or just writing thoughts

Later on, it just hit me. I just needed to get myself down in a chair and get back to it, just that simple. With ideas and motivation to come, it just happened

My friends saying I was good at it, mixed with the constant aches to get my ideas down, caused me to finally get to it

Now I’ve written the plot line to a whole book, it’s time to shine

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