Thoughts on depression

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Depression is one hell of a demon. A neverending struggle that you don't know how to fight.

Thoughts on depression

Sometimes things just fall apart

and you feel lost.

You can't realize how that came to be, because it was so sudden, so overwhelming.

You start to think that maybe there is something you never realized before:

you think you are a flaw, that you are wrong, that you don't have a place in this world.

When it's dark and you can't fall asleep, moments like these can really destroy you.

Heart beats so fast, breath runs out, you are sure you can't make it. You just want everything to end instantly.

Each and every little thing seems made just for the purpose of hurting you.

That is surely one of the most horrid feeling to be ever experienced.

In moments like these you can feel so scared and outcast that even the kindest of love would mean nothing to you.

And that is when things get worse, because you also start to feel guilty about those people that are trying to help you.

You can feel so ungrateful.

And still you can't get rid of that numbness.

Again, that is one of the most horrid feeling to be ever experienced.

But there is always one chance

always a way to start again

always something you haven't done yet

always somewhere you've never been

always one beautiful thing you haven't seen yet

always one reason to make one more step

even when you can't see it

even when you're alone

even when you are so terrified.

There is always something to believe in.

When you believe in what you think is impossible, the real magic happens.

You can be your greatest gift, find a strength you didn't think you had.

Have faith in yourself!

You are part of this world

and that means this world loves you

and wouldn't be the same without you.

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