Wrong Floor (3) |BTS x Reader|
                  Wrong Floor (3)

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The deeper you go into this place, the faster time passes by.

Wrong Floor (3) |BTS x Reader|

"Maybe we should split up and try to find an exit from this place?" Taehyung pitches in, "I'll go with Jungkook and Y/N can go by herself?"

"Like hell we're leaving her by herself again," Jungkook spat, "Look at her leg, whatever the fuck that boy was that was about to touch e, really seems to have fucked her up. Plus, remember that little threat about someone coming for her?"

"That gives us all the more reason to get away from her." Taehyung flattens his gaze.

Y/N starts to shake as she hugs herself, tears flooding her cheeks, "I just want my friend's to be okay... and Yoongi... What about Min Yoongi? Did he go missing?"

Taehyung didn't speak.

Jungkook nods, "He went missing a day after the three of you and nobody has heard from him since. Same with Kayla Hilton. They went looking for you three together."

"They must be in here somewhere," Y/N closes her eyes, "That is the only way, everyone has to be somewhere in here with us.. With whatever that boy with pink hair is."

Taehyung coughs, "Jungkook, come on, we need to look for an exit." They then turn around and start to walk into the blackness fading away.

Then they completely disappeared.

Y/N just stood by the elevator, thinking to herself. How hadn't Jin and Namjoon heard her scream shit when she wasn't even fifty feet away from them? There's no way they didn't hear her.

Even if something had gotten to them, she would have heard them make some type of noise. But no, there was simply pure silence. She hadn't even heard tier phones hit the ground.

Nor did anything pass behind her, the only direction that they could have gone.

Then a light bulb appeared in her mind. A strange thought and idea crossed her.

The deeper you go into this place, the faster time passes by.

Meaning, a few minutes had passed for her from where she stood but where Namjoon and Jin were, it is quite possible a few hours had passed.

And when Y/N never came back, they went looking for her.

"Floor 10," Y/N whispered to herself.

It was floor 10 that sent Y/N, Namjoon and Jin to the basement and the same thing that happened to Jungkook and Taehyung. It couldn't have been coincidental.

But what about floor 10 was so special?

Had Yoongi and Kayla also gone to floor 10 to find clues? And what late party could they have been speaking about? This motel had been abandoned for years

Y/N then shakes her head and starts to walk where Jungkook and Taehyung went just minutes before. But, if she was correct, they were already far ahead of her.

As she walks, hugging herself, she remembers the threat of that pink haired boy.

However, she tries to put that in the back of her head as the further she goes down the hall, the colder it seems to get.

She then stops when she sees a light flickering behind what seems to be a door. The door is only slightly cracked open so she can see in the room; like it was left open on purpose.

She starts to walk towards the door and stops as she puts her hands on the handle, ready to open it. However, she never gets to.

A large male figure appears in the crackle, a large red eye peering down at her, slamming the door shut. Y/N screams, falling backwards onto her butt.

She then turned her head to see a blonde woman standing with her back facing her, all the way down the hallway.

The woman turned around when she heard the scream, seeing Y/N sitting on the ground.

Kayla Hilton.

Y/N jumped to her feet, feeling relieved as she saw a familiar face, "Kayla!" She screams, starting to run towards her.

However, Kayla looks at her as blood starts to drain from her eyes.

And, from the darkness behind her, a black hand with long fingers and black nails covered her mouth, snapping her back into the darkness of another room.

Y/N stops dead in her tracks.

She wanted to move, but couldn't find herself to have enough energy to. She couldn't even cry at what she just saw.

Instead, she looked at her leg. Her entire right left foot to her top thigh was completely black and blue now. It was starting to feel numb more than anything at this point.

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