Wrong Floor (1) |BTS x Reader|
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f_priestly "Embrace reality, even if it burns you."
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"You're jinxing us." Jin whispers.

Wrong Floor (1) |BTS x Reader|

The elevator door is jammed shut as Kim Namjoon tries to dig his fingers between the doors to pry it open.

He is currently locked in the basement, a few red candles lighting it up, along with its many corridors.

He isn't the only body down there, either. Along with Ahn Y/N and Kim Seokjin, something else seemed to be in that basement.

Namjoon then turned to look at Jin, stopping from trying to pry open those doors that seemed to be super glued together, "How the hell did we end up on this floor?

I could have sworn I clicked the right button."

"I saw you click floor 10, so maybe there's a default in the elevator?" Y/N replied to Namjoon's sentences as she turned around and looked at the empty, dark room which they were in.

Jin slightly laughed, "This reminds me of one of those horror games," He then points at the elevator, "First rule of the game; Never top looking for an exit."

"Thanks for trying to make this situation lighter, but this isn't a horror game, this is reality," Namjoon flattens his gaze towards his brother.

"I do like the exit idea," Y/N smiled slightly as she coughed, not trying to provoke Jin's less smart side while also not trying to provoke Namjoon's angry side.

Namjoon's gaze flattens, "Of course you do, Y/N, of course you do." He seems to facepalm himself as he speaks, shaking his head in disapproval.

"At least someone agrees with me," Jin then turns when they hear a creak from behind them in the darkness.

Jin then slowly slides his way behind Namjoon, "Do you think you should check that out?" He whispers.

Namjoon let's his eyes drift towards Y/N, "Why don't you do it?" He then turns to Jin and back to Y/N, "I have to take care of my brother here."

Y/N then scoffs, "This is ridiculous. We're just stuck in a fucking basement. What could possibly go wrong?"

"You're jinxing us." Jin whispers.

Another creak sounds, but closer. A sound then erupted; like metal being drug against the concrete-cement which they were standing on.

Y/N gulped as she took a step forward, grabbing her phone from her pocket, turning on the flashlight, shining it in front of her, towards the sound.

Namjoon stayed back with Jin, trying to calm him down so he wouldn't have another panic attack. Especially since they didn't have his medicine.

Y/N heard another creak, from down what seemed to be a long hallway. She then slowly turned and shone the light down the hallway, looking for movement, "Hello?"

Something then came into view. It was a pale color, and a ball of pink seemed to be on top of whatever it was.

Y/N got closer.

It was a nude person.

"Oh my gosh-" Y/N gasped as she dropped her phone on the ground, letting the screen shatter and the light turn off, "SHIT!" She screamed.

The creak sounds from right in front of her.

She shook her fear, "H-Hey, are you OK?" She then kneeled down, reaching her hand out in the darkness, coming into contact with what felt to be a shoulder.

Y/N then felt a hand touch hers, but it was ice cold, and small like, but just a tad bit bigger than her hand.

"Hey, what's your name?" Y/N whispers.

However, something grips her; Namjoon and Jin didn't respond when she screamed. She then retracted her hand and stood up, pushing herself backwards.

Only to be stopped by a hand grabbing her leg. She then almost tripped but caught her balance. Her phone then suddenly turned on, but it wasn't where she dropped it.

It was in the hands of the naked man with pink hair and soft eyes. The flashlight lit up his face in a creepy way. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was matted.

"D-Don't leave me..." He whispered, "He'll c-come for me." Pure fear was within the man's voice and fear seemed to grip his soul as he spoke.

Y/N's heart started beating faster.

"Get off me!" She screamed as she kicked the man in the face, causing him to fall backwards. She left her phone and ran down the hallway.

"NO!" The man with pink hair screamed as loud as he could, "WA-" and then pure silence filled the air. Almost like he was never there.

Y/N then turned and saw the elevator was still closed, but neither Namjoon nor Jin was standing there. They seamlessly disappeared. And, on the ground, lay Namjoon's phone along with Jin's.

Like a bread trail.

Y/N was shaking as she walked forward, grabbing the phones, seeing they were both drained of their battery completely. But she knew they were charged. So what was happening?

The elevator then dinged.

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