Night Stalker (ONE SHOT) |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #5|
     Night Stalker (ONE SHOT)

    |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #5|
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"You'll never find her. You'll never save her. She's all alone. Rotting in isolation. The way she should."

Night Stalker (ONE SHOT) |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #5|

- Present Time -

"Do you know the extent of trouble you've caused yourself?" The detective spoke, watching the man across the table carefully. She studied him.

The man in the orange suit simply smiled, playing with the polaroids sat upon him at the glass table. His eyes were dark and cold and his aurora seemed unbothered.

The man with purple hair then looked at the detective, picking up a polaroid of a girl, "See her? Do you know her? I'm sure you do, yeah?" He was showing all his teeth.

"London Halt." The detective said the girls name, looking at the polaroid.

The purple-haired man grinned deeper, turning the photo so he could study it. The number 4 was written on his left shoulder on the orange jumpsuit. Something about the man was offsetting.

He chuckled, "She was fun, you know? Most teenagers her age would never approach me on their own. She was special. She was gorgeous." He bit his lip, staring at the polaroid.

The detective went frail, "Is that why you mutilated her?"

"Oh, most definitely not."

"Then what was your reason for mutilating her, along with the forty-seven others, Mr. Kim?" The detective was agitated and did not want to be in the same room as this man anymore.

Her blood ran heavily.

"I mutilated the other girls for fun. And there were only forty-six," The man called Mr. Kim replied, "The last one escaped. But she won't last long," He sheepishly chuckled, "I made sure of it."

The detective's eyes lit up.

But before she could speak, the murderer spoke, "London wasn't into men, therefore, I couldn't pleasure myself knowing she wasn't entirely interested. Especially since her eyes were on number forty-seven."

"What girl escaped?" The detective clicked a button under the table, the conversation was now being recorded.

"Number forty-seven didn't escape. I used that term too loosely, hmm?" He giggled as he let the polaroid hit the floor.

He then leaned on the table, using his arm to brush the other pictures to the floor.

The detective sat straight up in her chair.

The purple-haired killer then grinned, looking directly into the detective's eyes, "You'll never find her. You'll never save her. She's all alone. Rotting in isolation. The way she should."

"We'll find her and when we do, you can kiss everything you know goodbye." The detective had tears in her eyes now. She grit her teeth, anger fuming within her, "Tell me her name."

"Detective Y/N, they were right, you should have stayed off this case. Your emotions are going to break you down, eat you alive. You won't be able to live when you know what I've done to her."

Detective Ahn Y/N stood up, slamming her fist on the glass table, cracking it, "Kim Namjoon, tell me the girl's name, dammit! Or I swear your life will become hell!"

The door opened, the prison guards standing there.

Namjoon grinned, leaning back and crossing his arms across his chest. Pleasure appeared across his face as he wined at Y/N. He then opened his mouth, his voice echoing.

"Ahn Lisa."

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