The Line Up |Imagines Coming Soon|
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f_priestly "Embrace reality, even if it burns you."
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This has the next 20 Imagines that I will work on. However, I would like you all to tell me which ones to do first.

The Line Up |Imagines Coming Soon|

He's The Man (Romance) In which a young girl crosses paths with the schools bad boy by running over his dog. |Jungkook x Reader|

Don't Knock Twice (Horror) In which a young woman answers her door, unleashing hell into her life. |Taehyung x Reader|

Fun Boys (Comedy) In which a girl moves to Korea, quickly crossing paths with an idol who falls head over heels. |Namjoon x Reader|

Drop Dead (Horror/Mystery) In which a girl falls in love with her father's new adopted son; not knowing what he truly is. |Yoongi x Reader|

Hell Bent (Comedy/Horror) In which a girl accidentally summons a demon willing to protect her at all costs. |Hoseok x Reader|

Rose (Dark Romance) In which a reaper falls for a girl that he was supposed to kill. |Jin x Reader|

Chances (Romance/Comedy) In which a young girl receives help from a stranger and ends up having to be his fiance. |Jimin x Reader|

As I've Told You (Romance) In which a young boy falls in love with a girl who just happens to be dating his ex. |Jimin x Reader x Jungkook|

BroKen (Mystery/Thriller) In which two brothers are dared to make the same girl fall in love with each of them. |Namjoon x Reader x Jin|

Dynasty (Romance) In which a girl finds herself caught up in the path of two rich males that just happen to be heirs to the throne. |Hoseok x Reader x Yoongi|

Lie To Me (Mystery/Comedy) In which a young girl gains two step-brothers with a past darker than she could imagine. |Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi|

He Said (Horror/Romance) In which a young girl is torn between her best friend and love interest. |Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung|

I Remember (Mystery) In which two childhood friends reunite after a horrible accident. |Yoongi x Taehyung|

Lust (Mythology/Romance) In which the King of Lust falls in love with a mortal that is holding a dark secret. |Jungkook x Taehyung|

The Intern (Dark Comedy) In which a young man signs a deal to an internship; not reading the "fine" print. |Namjoon x Jin|

For You (Romance/Mystery) In which seven mafia members capture a girl, not knowing she is the daughter to their enemy. |GOT7 x Reader|

Made In Hell (Comedy) In which a young girl finds a book that holds five devils. |TXT x Reader|

All Falls Down (Romance) In which a young singer is caught between his past lover and present lover. |Jackson x Namjoon x Jin|

Hindsight (Dark Romance) In which a blind boy falls in love with a girl who saves his life. |Jonghyun x Reader|

F*cked (Comedy/Romance) In which a fuck boy targets his next victim: The pastors daughter. |Jonghyun x Reader|

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