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None Shall Sleep |YoonMin|

The phone rings in Y/N's apartment, waking her up from the nights sleep that she was trying to catch up on.

She hadn't slept in a few days because of a dreadful feeling that continuously washed over her; like she was being watched.

She yawns as she rolls over, grabbing her cellphone and swiping right as she puts it up against her ear, and in a groggy voice she asks, "Who the hell rings at a phone at two in the morning?"

"Calm down, Cougar," A husky and deep voice sounds on the other end, "I knew you'd probably be awake so I wanted to check up on you and Jimin."

Y/N rubs her forehead with a smile on her face, "Hey there, Yoongi," She sits up in her bed and coughs, "I've been better and I haven't heard from Jimin in a few days. It's like he's just fallen off the grid." She squeezes her eyes shut for a second.

"He hasn't answered my calls or texts; probably with another hooker," Yoongi doesn't sound concerned as he speaks, "How are you doing anyways? Still paranoid?"

"I'm not paranoid," Y/N gripes as she turns and places both her feet on the wooden floor before she stands up, "My spidey senses have just been skyrocketing through the roof lately."

Yoongi chuckles, "Like I said, paranoid."

She smiles to herself, "You're up for some reason during this time of night as well, aren't ya?" She makes her way to the kitchen across the apartment.

"I had a bad dream."

"Can't you give me a little more than that?" Y/N chuckles as she turns on her kitchen light, "You seem to always bad bad dreams lately." She went straight to the coffee pot to turn it on and make herself a warm cup.

Yoongi doesn't speak.

"What's going on?" She pauses what she's doing and turns to the fridge, "Was it the one about the man again?" Her eyes go soft as she opens the fridge, grabbing coffee screamer, leaving it open.

It is blocking sight to the entrance of the apartment.

"I had the dream right before Jimin disappeared, Y/N," Yoongi seems scared as he speaks, "Maybe I should come over? I have a bad feeling."

Y/N slightly laughs as she turns the coffee on, waiting for it to finish as she leans against the counter, facing away from the fridge, "And you call me paranoid because I don't sleep. Look, it's just a coincidence you had that dream."

"I'm not too sure it is."

"What ever do you mean, Yoongi?" Y/N raises an eyebrow, wanting him to tell her more.

He never went into detail about the dream. He just said Jimin and a man was in it. He never said what happened. But, the next day, Jimin was gone.

"The man in my dream killed Jimin, Y/N, and took him somewhere," Yoongi sounds like he is in despair as he speaks, "He died in the bathroom of the Red Pony. And that's the last place he was even seen before he disappeared."

"So," Y/N speaks as she moves forward to grab a coffee cup, "You're saying you saw Jimin's murder before he was actually murdered?" She asks confusingly.


Y/N sits the cup down in front of the warm coffee pot, "If Jimin was murdered in a bar bathroom, wouldn't someone have seen a man move his body?" She sighs, "Yoongi, babe, I love you but you're more paranoid than me and that's saying something."

"You were in the dream."

"What?" Y/N chuckles as she pours coffee into her cup, "So I was in your dream. That happens when you think about someone before you fall asleep." She grabs the creamer and pours it in.

"Y/N, I saw the man kill you in your kitchen and he was wearing Jimin's necklace and we both know he never goes anywhere without that thing," Yoongi seems in despair, "I need to come over."

Y/N takes a sip of her hazelnut flavored coffee, "I studied psychology for four years, Yoongi, you're experiencing stress paranoia. It's when you stress over something that isn't even real. You made up a scenario in your head and now you actually believe it." She sighs as she sits her cup down, feeling a major headache.

"I am not making this up!" Yoongi exclaims on the telephone, "I am coming over anyways, alright? I will be there in five minutes."

"But you live thirty minutes away?" Y/N raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well, I was on my way before I called you," Yoongi then goes silent for a minute before saying anything else, "Sorry but I am not taking any chances."


Y/N looks towards the fridge after hearing something sound like it hit the floor, "Yeah, I'll see you in a few, Yoongi." She hangs up the phone, tilting her head as she places the phone down on the table.

She closes the fridge but she sees nothing. She looks on the ground to see a necklace there on the wooden floor.

She kneels down and picks it up, "Jimin?" She whispers as she stands back up, "Jimin, are you home?" She then raises her voice.

She watches the door for a solid three minutes, seeing if anyone was there who knocked. But nothing happened.

By this time, Yoongi was outside the building and making his way up to the eleventh floor to Jimin and Y/N's apartment.

"Huh, weird." Y/N whispers to herself as her phone starts to ring behind her. She turns around and grabs it, answering before reading the caller ID, "Hello, Y/N speaking."

She just hears breathing.

She was about to say something but then realized the breathing was much louder and she felt like she could feel the hot breath through the phone. The hair on the back of her neck stood up.

She hung up the phone and realized something.

She still heard the breathing from behind her.

"Y/N?" She hears Yoongi call out to her from behind the locked apartment door, "Let me in!" He raises his voice now, banging on the door.

Y/N takes in a deep breath as the breathing gets closer. She grips the necklace in her hand as she turns around and a scream escapes her lips as she stumbles backwards.

The screaming ceases.

"Y/N!" Yoongi screams as he kicks in the door all at once, running into the room and turning on the light. His eyes then drift to Jimin's necklace on the floor and Y/N's phone. His heart stops.

The room is silent and empty.

Yoongi then turns around to see a man in a black suit and a black tophat out in the hallway in the shadows, his face covered.

The man is just staring right at him and doesn't make an advance towards him.

"It's been 300 years and you're still killing the people I love." Yoongi whispers to himself.

The man disappears into thin air.

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