Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 15|
    Neighbors (Re-Posting) 

      |Jeon Jungkook, Part 15| junghoseok stories

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Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 15|

"Why didn't you move, Y/N? I could have killed you and myself!" Yoongi was in front of the shaken up girl now. He grabbed her arm, making her face him. His eyes were cold, "Are you hurt anywhere?" The teacher then looked her up and down, noticing she was dressed up. His shoulders then fell as he looked into her eyes, "Why are you dressed up?"

The girl just looked into his eyes as it started to gently rain. Neither of the two souls moved. No other cars were coming. Y/N then spoke, "I.." She stopped briefly, trying to figure out her own story, "Was with Taehyung at the Beach Club but... He isn't there." She then raised her shoulders as she took in a deep breath, "I was going to find him.."

The rain came down harder now and it became colder. Winter was approaching.

Yoongi then gripped her shoulder, "This isn't yourself, Y/N. Dressing up like this, going with him of all people.." He sighed, dropping his head, releasing his grip, "What has gotten into you?" He didn't bother to look at her again as he let her go and looked to his car.

It was smoking from the sudden stop; he had sparked a plug.

Headlights came into view from behind them so they turned to see a black Porsche slow down to a little stop. A man then opened the door and looked at them.

His hair was jet black and looked deathly familiar; Jackson Wang.

Y/N was still hugging herself as the other man approached, "Yoongi? What happened here?" He then stopped in front of her teacher and looked at Y/N.

"I almost hit my own student," Yoongi sighed as they both looked at the girl who was looking down at the ground, "Can you take her home, Jackson? I need to get to the hospital." The two males were looking at one another, not noticing Y/N ran away down the street.

(Later That Night)

Y/N started down Jungkook's street, walking slowly as the rain poured down hard. As she approached the house, no lights were on.

She noticed her father's car was gone and the house was boarded up. He had left, like he always threatened to do.

The girl lowered her head as thunder struck the ground, a loud boom bellowing through the air. The sudden impact shook the ground beneath her, causing her feet to go unsteady.

Her heels arched her feet and her white dress was now completely see through. The scars on her hands and arm were rough now; her skin was no longer smooth.

She was a pale color now and her hair was matted to her freezing body. Taehyung's car wasn't in Jungkook's driveway. She didn't know what to think so she didn't think at all. She let it go.

Thunder struck again, lighting right behind it. Y/N stopped in front of Jungkook's driveway as his porch light came on.

She then looked to see the door open wide and Jungkook emerged, looking at her with large eyes. He hadn't slept; he was waiting for her.

He rushed outside, quickly getting to her. He then took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. He then picked her up bridal-style and went to his house.

He closed the door quietly and went to the stairs and straight into her room. Y/N leaned into his warm chest, shaking horribly.

Jungkook closed her door and her bathroom door as he sat her on the toilet seat. He looked under the sink and grabbed oils and soaps.

He then turned to the tun, turning pure hot water on along with a bath bomb. He didn't say a single word as he turned around.

Y/N knew what he was waiting for.

She wasn't scared, she was simply hurting. She slowly took off her heels and put them on the ground. She then removed her dress and let it drop to her feet.

She took off her undergarments and slowly stepped into the tub, having to catch herself before she fell. She lowered herself in, the now pink water wasn't see-through.

Jungkook then turned around and kneeled behind her in the tub. He grabbed the oils in his hands and started to massage his scalp. She sat there, letting him work in her hair with his warm hands.

Her body was no longer tense.

He gently dipped her head in, wetting her hair as he pulled out his shampoo, squirting it in his hands. He lathered them and started to massage her scalp again.

He simply stayed behind her, warming her up slowly. The hot water was now above her chest and almost at the rim of the large tub. Jungkook leaned over the tub, turning it off.

He then sat back down.

Someone knocked on the bathroom door, "Anyone in there?" It was Hoseok.

Y/N had her eyes closed.

"I am, what's up?" Jungkook spoke, not looking away from Y/N's scalp.

"Taehyung is outside."

"Alright." Jungkook stopped moving his hands, "Stay here." He then stood, quickly dipping his hands right at her chest to wash them off.

He removed them from the water and dried them with a towel. He opened the door and closed it back.

Y/N relaxed, sinking beneath the water completely with her eyes closed. The burning hot water heated up her entire body, causing her to relax even more.

She heard voices from her room and she knew who they belonged to; Jungkook, Hoseok and Taehyung.

She kept her eyes closed and continued to hold her breath under the water. She then opened her eyes as she heard a loud bang; the bathroom door slamming open.

The next thing Y/N knew, she was ripped from the tub, her body exposed as she hit the cold ground, someone having her in their arms. Her eyes were wide open and she felt cold again.

She looked forward, seeing Jungkook and Hoseok in the doorway. She felt the cold air hit her skin and goosebumps took over the surface of everything that was exposed.

She saw a Gucci sleeve in front of her, knowing Taehyung was gripping her.

She squeezed her legs shut and tried her best to cross them as she covered her chest with her arms, "If she's not here, who is this?" Taehyung's raspy voice became a low hiss.

He tightened his grip around her neck, causing her to cough. She then grabbed his arm.

Hoseok looked away, Y/N's skin exposed. He then faced the door to leave the room, "Leave before I call the girl who is in your car." Hoseok's voice was hard.

Y/N's eyes drained of color as Taehyung gripped her even more, "Y/N's comes home with me." He then stood up, Y/N having to go up with him.

She couldn't unexpose herself at this rate so she stopped fighting and just stood there, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Let her choose where she goes." Jungkook spoke now, cutting in the conversation.

His eyes never strayed from Taehyung's face, "We know who the girl is in your car and she wouldn't appreciate this too much, don't you think? She was there four years ago too."

Taehyung then let Y/N go of his grip and she fell to the ground, covering her body as she was on her knees, forehead on the cold tiles. She was crying silently and Jungkook noticed.

He then looked at Taehyung, "I think Jennie is waiting for you to take her to your home." Jungkook's voice was cold and Hoseok had already left the room, outside Taehyung's car.

Taehyung then walked right past Y/N's body and out the way. He didn't stop or say anything; he just left. Y/N then raised her head, her eyes puffy and red.

Jungkook looked at her and kneeled in front of her, hand on her head.

"Jennie Kim?" Her voice was raspy as she spoke.

Jungkook then picked her up, setting her back in the tub. He never looked at her body. Instead, the boy offered her a warm smile as he held her face, "Stay here for a while." His hands left her and he disappeared out the door.

Y/N looked on the ground to see Taehyung had left his jacket right there by the tub. He had dropped it on purpose when he pulled her from the tub.

She covered her face and bit her lip as she cried. She had no clue what to do or what to think. Did Taehyung leave the club with another girl?

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