Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 3|
      Neighbors (Re-Posting)

        |Jeon Jungkook, Part 3| junghoseok stories

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When she got all her things out, she turned to him and nodded, "Hello, Mr. Namjoon, am I too early?" She had happiness in her deep brown eyes.

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 3|

Y/N awoke to her alarm clock. It was 6:25 am and she had to be gone by 6:40. She jumped out of her bed, all the pain from yesterday had left her body completely.

She opened her curtains to see it was still dark outside as she went to her closet.

She dressed herself in a white skirt and a white crop top. She threw on her mother's black jean jacket as she put on see through footies.

She grabbed black sandals and threw them on her feet as she gathered her school supplies into her backpack.

She put it on her back and closed her curtains. She then walked out of her room, grabbing the wooden box with all the pictures in it.

She gripped it in her hands as she ran in the kitchen and grabbed an apple. With that, she went out the door.

The sun was slightly up, the sky was pink and orange along with a thin black tint. She then looked around and at her watch to see she had left six minutes early.

She stuck the box in the side of her backpack and she started down the road.

The bandages were still on her arm and hands; she hadn't removed them yet. She took a bite of her apple as she stepped into the road, walking along the border.

Her high school was Bavaria High and she lived only two miles away so it was easier to drive. She looked back as headlights lit up the road in front of her.

She stopped and went to the sidewalk to see a black sedan pulling up behind her. She swallowed her apple as she watched the car.

It stopped right beside her. The window rolled down and she saw Hoseok looking at her, a smile on his face, "Get in, Jungkook and I can give you a ride." Hoseok was the happiest person Y/N had ever seen. Everyone loved him for his charms and how caring he was.

There was no way you could dislike or hate a person like him. He was the perfect friend. The thing that made people love him even more was the fact that he was half gay.

Y/N shook her head and spoke softly, "I wouldn't want to be a burden." Her voice was soft and frightened sounding.

Jungkook was in the passenger seat, looking at his phone.

He was scrolling through his feed on Instagram; looking at all the posts the hot girl's at Bavaria High had posted and sent to him directly and personally.

He didn't seem to notice Hoseok had stopped the car.

"You wouldn't be, love!" He laughed, a large smile beaming on his face, "Think of it as a thank you for that delicious food you made up yesterday." He then tapped the side of his car, "Jump on in, it's freezing anyways. Wouldn't want a baby doll such as yourself to freeze out here."

Y/N felt goosebumps raise across her skin as she quietly got into the car, shutting the door tightly as she sat down. She put her backpack beside her, throwing her apple on the ground.

She'd only taken one bite but was too conscious to eat it in front of the males in the car. She felt her stomach start to churn so she stopped it by gripping at it.

The car was quiet except the music playing on the radio softly. It was pop music and the singer Halsey was currently playing.

Her songs were always upbeat and they had a special aurora to them that just made you think deeply about yourself. Something about the lyrics and beat messed with Y/N the most.

They always seemed to compare to her life and how dreadful it was.

Once they reached the school, Y/N tried to open the car door but it was locked. Hoseok looked back at her, "I just wanted to ask if you were alright after what happened yesterday." His eyes were soft as he turned completely around to take in her whole face and figure.

"Let her out the car, Hope, she obviously doesn't want to be in here with us. Do you?" Jungkook spoke up, looking away from his phone and back at Y/N who gripped her fists in her lap.

She shook her head, not sure what to do with him talking to her. After yesterday, embarrassment filled her body. Hoseok sighed, unlocking the door.

Y/N grabbed her backpack and jumped out the car as she put it on her back. She closed the door and started to walk away as Hoseok and Jungkook excited the car.

People had turned to see Y/N exiting the car of the famous step-brothers and a few girl's didn't look too pleased.

Y/N started up the school stairs just as a crowd of people passed her to get to the step-brothers.

Once she got to the door and opened it, she looked back to see Jungkook looking away from her direction. She didn't think about it as she turned and closed the door as she entered the school.

She walked down the hallway to where her first class would start in nearly ten minutes. She peaked in to see Mr. Namjoon sitting at his desk, reading a book called The False Priest.

Y/N entered the room and he noticed her presence. He put the book down on his desk, marking his page, as Y/N took her seat at the very front of the class, right in front of his desk.

The two-seater desk was empty, besides her. No one ever decided to sit beside her, besides Mr. Namjoon.

He got up and went and sat beside her as she pulled out all her books. He smiled and patiently waited for her to speak to him.

When she got all her things out, she turned to him and nodded, "Hello, Mr. Namjoon, am I too early?" She had happiness in her deep brown eyes.

"It's never too early for you to come to my class, angel, I enjoy your company." He then ruffled her hair as he yawned, leaning back in the chair, feet on the desk, "Did you read the two chapters assigned for the weekend?"

Y/N nodded, "I have never seen a love triangle so messed up before. It's like they hate one another and they force themselves to love." She looked at Namjoon, "Is love always like that?"

He chuckled and shook his head, "Love may be complicated and one-sided at times, but it is never usually like that unless two people are forced together; like arranged marriages." He then leaned forward, putting the chair on all fours. He took his hand and smoothed back his purple hair. He smiled and nudged Y/N on the shoulders, "Why do you ask? Have you found Mr.Perfect?" He chuckled.

"The person I have fallen in love with doesn't acknowledge me and even if he did, I would never let him know how I feel." Y/N shrugged, sticking her lip out in defeat as she spoke.

Her eyes were heavy with guilt as the bell rang. Class was about to start.

Namjoon didn't move from beside her as kids started in the classroom. He sighed and crossed his arms, leaning on the desk, "If he doesn't know you love him, he is a waste of time. How long have you been in love with this man?" Namjoon then looked at Y/N, lowering his voice.

"Ever since Freshman year, so four years.." Her eyes then drifted, "But I have always liked him, loved him, whatever you wanna call my feelings." She then slightly laughed, looking right at her twenty-one year old teacher. He was three years older than her.

He sighed and his face went soft as the bell rang, class had started. Jungkook and Hoseok walked into the classroom, girl's behind them.

Hoseok smiled at Y/N but she didn't notice; Namjoon did, "Is it Jung Hoseok? He just smiled at you." The teacher smiled at the girl and bumped her shoulder.

"No!" Y/N laughed and hit his shoulder, "He's gay anyways." She then looked away, opening her text book. She turned her head and smiled at him, "I think everyone is waiting for class to start, Mr. Kim."

Namjoon stood up, ruffling her hair, "They can just wait until I'm ready to teach then." He then walked over to his desk and sat on the front, swinging his legs.

He looked throughout the classroom and sighed as he grabbed his book,

"We are going to answer questions on the chapters you were to complete this weekend; please get your books out but don't open them up just yet."

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