Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 2|
        Neighbors (Re-Posting)

        |Jeon Jungkook, Part 2| fan fiction stories

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"Dammit.." Y/N cried out as she closed her eyes, gripping the windowsill. She leaned on it, supporting her current dead weight that was weighing her feet down even more.

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 2|

Y/N's eyes fluttered open slowly as a light crept in the room which she was in. She felt her head turn onto something plush and large.

She then propped herself up, seeing that she was lying in a large bed. She looked around to see a large feathered pillow with her head indention in it.

She then looked at her hands, noticing bandages were all the way up her left forearm. A glove with cut out fingers was made of bandages that were on both her hands.

They were mostly white, with a few red places. She then took in a deep breath and noticed a note on a nightstand beside the large bed.

Y/N started to grab the note when she noticed the type of bed she was on; it was a waterbed with gold trimming. She breathed out heavily and grabbed the note, ignoring the rich detail.

Y/N rubbed her eyes as she opened it.

I will be home soon. Hoseok and I went out and you needed rest. Feel free to stay if you don't want to go back. We will be home near 5. - JK

Y/N sighed and folded the note up. She then uncovered herself and got out the bed.She popped her back as she noticed the pain in her stomach was completely gone.

On the stand was a bottle of pills for pain and internal bleeding. Y/N put the note on the table and noticed a clock that read 3:30 pm.

"Ouch.." Y/N huffed as she walked to the door. Her feet were sore and cold. She excited the room, shutting the door and going towards the stairs.

She started to the front door but stopped and looked towards the kitchen. She closed her eyes.

She sighed and walked to the kitchen, going right to the fridge. She opened it, seeing it was loaded. She grabbed milk and eggs.

She sat them on the large gold and black island and went to the pantry. Y/N then grabbed flour, sugar, salt, and chocolate bites.

She then looked through cabinets and found a few mixing bowls. She grabbed all the ingredients and started to pour them in the bowls.

As the milk mixed with the flour, salt, and sugar she grabbed a few pecans and cashews in small circular containers.

She opened them up and threw them in the mixture. She then turned on the oven and poured the mixture in a large metal pan, putting it in the oven. She backed up and looked at the clock: 4:25 pm.

Y/N then went to the sink and washed her hands, got a glass of water, and sat at the bar on a stool.

She then brought the fine glass to her lips, drinking the ice water slowly. Y/N then sat the glass on the glass countered island bar and watched the oven carefully.

She sighed to herself and looked up. She then looked at the clock: 4:45 pm and the oven went off.

She stood and grabbed mittens, opening the oven and taking out the dish. The aroma filled the kitchen. Chocolate and nuts filled the air and made her mouth water.

She sat a cloth on the bar and placed the metal dish on top of it.

She smiled a real smile as she placed the lid on the dessert that her mom taught her to make. She'd never made it before but she knew she did it right.

She nodded and grabbed a pen and paper-pad that was nearby. She tore off a note and started to write and scribble.

She then placed the small note on the dish and put the pen and pad back where she had gotten them. By the time she cleaned everything up and washed and put away the excess dishes it was 4:57 pm.

She then went to the door and left, making sure to lock it back.

Y/N then walked through the grass, holding herself as the wind hit her bear skin hard. She walked over to her home, going on the porch just in time to see a black sedan pull onto the street.

She opened the door and cracked it to see the car pull into Jungkook's driveway.

The two males got out the car, groceries and take-out in hand. They laughed and were shatting as they unlocked and entered the home. Y/N closed her door and sighed, leaning against the hardwood.

It was cold against her back, sending chills all over her body.


She heard her father's voice so she turned her head to see her dad entering from the living room.

The floor of the house was cleaned from all broken bottles and stains of beer and excess alcohol and cigarette ash. He had cleaned up and shaved, no longer smelling deplorable.

The girl looked down, putting her hands behind her back, "Father." She spoke softly. She then looked up and across the room to see him completely.

"Your room is a mess, clean it." The man then disappeared behind a wall. Y/N heard a door slam and lock. She then heard a loud crash and his voice. He was cursing everything in the world.

"Of course it is.." Y/N sighed to herself as she walked up the stairs and to her room.

She opened the door to see everything in her dressers was all over her floor and her window was busted; for the second time this month. The girl sighed as she picked up her mom's picture.

Somehow it didn't shatter like everything else.

Y/N had her window completely open as she took out the shattered, broken pane. Her hands started to throb as she cut herself through the bandage.

Out of the pain, she dropped the glass out her window, it shattered all over the ground beneath her.

"Dammit.." Y/N cried out as she closed her eyes, gripping the windowsill. She leaned on it, supporting her current dead weight that was weighing her feet down even more.

She opened her eyes as she heard a voice. She looked down to see Hoseok and Jungkook through their kitchen window. They were standing by the dish she had made, note in Hoseok's hand.

He seemed to be reading it aloud to his younger step-brother.

Y/N then pushed off the sill and started to clean up her room. She dug through the wreckage to find all her polaroids of Jungkook and his perfect family.

She sat on the floor, looking through them; counting them and making sure they were all there and none were destroyed or tampered with.

She then picked up her favorite picture of Jungkook and held it against her chest as she closed her eyes and cried to herself.

The picture was simply him walking down his driveway in a black mask and skinny jeans. To most, it was just a picture. But Y/N took the picture the day her mother died.

To her, that photo meant more in the world than her own health. She felt as if it had a special place in her life and nothing could happen to it.

On the back of the photo, Y/N wrote the date and a small note. It was in black sharpie. She turned it over and read it, smiling as she cried to herself:

Once this is destroyed, so am I. -Kim Y/N 01/09/14

Y/N then sighed as she picked up all the photos and placed them in a small wooden box with a lock. She made sure to lock the box as she placed it on a shelf. Y/N looked at the clock.

It was Sunday and she knew she had school tomorrow. She dreaded it.

School was hell for her. She always got picked on for her bruises and scars. Nobody ever left her alone.

The popular kids at her high school used her for answers on tests and made her do their work.

Kim Y/N is a straight A student with the perfect GPA and they used and manipulated her to their advantage. The teachers knew it and didn't bother with it.

Only one male teacher was on her side and he taught the course of Literature and Fine Arts; Mr. Kim Namjoon. He was only a few years older than her, just recently graduating college.

Y/N finished cleaning her room by 8:00 and she walked to the bathroom, towel and soaps in hand. She had a thin shirt along with her as she shut and locked the door behind herself.

She heard the TV in her father's room through the floorboards of the bathroom upstairs. He was still awake and probably drunk again. Being quiet, she showered and used the bathroom.

By the time she got to her room after cleaning up and making a little salad, it was nearing 10:30 pm. It was pitch black outside as she entered and shut her room door.

Her room was cold due to the loss of the window. The curtains were parted as she looked through them and up at the sky.

She smiled as she noticed Hoseok and Jungkook were in the living room, eating the last of the dish she had made. That caused a smile to encase her face.

She closed the curtains, content with herself as she tucked herself into bed. However, a sadness engulfed her, realizing food meant nothing.

She then fell asleep, feeling lost and lonely; not sure what to do with herself anymore.

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