Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 14|
       Neighbors (Re-Posting) 

        |Jeon Jungkook, Part 14| jackson wang stories

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The bartender then approached her, a smile on his face, "What would you like, pretty lady?" His name tag read Jackson Wang and his hair was jet black and it shined with all the lights going off in the room.

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 14|

Y/N didn't get out of the car as Taehyung opened the door. She looked at him and her hands were shaking. Her scars were easily seen, along with her old bruises.

She grew self-conscious once more. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying earlier that day.

Taehyung smiled, "Come in, nobody judges anyone here." He smiled and gently pulled her out of the car, "If anyone bothers you, tell me." He kissed her forehead again and grabbed her arm, pulling her to the door of the very large club.

Y/N didn't resist, she simply followed him. Jungkook's handkerchief was now in the car seat, along with Taehyung's jacket and the note he'd given her that morning.

She sighed to herself as they entered the club. Once the door shut, the lights blinded her and the noise cut off her hearing. People were everywhere and Taehyung dragged her through the crowd.

Finally, he got to the bar, taking up the two seats there. He sat down and Y/N sat beside him, "Do you want to dance?" Taehyung had to yell in order for Y/N to hear him.

She shook her head, "No, but you can! I'll watch." She smiled at him.

Taehyung nodded, kissing her hands as he walked off into the crowd and onto the dance floor. The song Hero started to play and he danced to it, moving his entire body.

People formed a circle around him, dancing and clapping along. A few girl's joined in with the dancing.

Y/N then turned to face the bar, no longer able to see her boyfriend.

The bartender then approached her, a smile on his face, "What would you like, pretty lady?" His name tag read Jackson Wang and his hair was jet black and it shined with all the lights going off in the room.

"Water?" Her voice was hoarse and her throat was parched.

Jackson nodded, "Coming right up, sweetheart. Would you like a pie on me?" He then walked back over to her, giving her cold, ice water, "Any flavor you want."

"Lemon lime?" She tilted her head.

He smacked the bar, "I gotcha." He leaned down, opened what had to be a fridge. He then came back up, a piece of fresh pie in his hands.

He gave it to her, along with a gold looking fork, "If you want more, just tell me. I love treating pretty girl's who need attention." He winked and grabbed a cloth, walking to other people at the bar.

"Pretty?" Y/N flushed red as she took the fork and ate some of the pie. She felt embarrassed but happy at the same moment. A handsome man had just complimented her.

She coughed and drank some water a few minutes later, the pie plate was cleaned off. It looked brand new. She then looked to the crowd, seeing the circle was no longer there.

She couldn't see Taehyung so she looked back at the bar. Her eyes fell.

"Where's the boy you came in with?" Jackson spoke, pouring more water in her glass, knowing she didn't want alcohol. He could read her easily; better than most, "Also, more pie?"

She smiled and nodded so he delivered it to her, taking the dirty plate. She shrugged as she stabbed the fork into the pie, "My boyfriend was dancing but I don't see him anymore. He is probably still at it out there." She slightly chuckled.

"Hmm, I could have someone look for him if you wanted? I have bouncers all over my club." Jackson smiled at her, leaning on the bar right in front of her.

Her eyes widened as she looked at him, "Y-You own this place?"

"You didn't know?" He looked shocked but laughed it off, "I am one of the wealthiest people in Seoul! I can't believe you didn't know that, sweetheart." His eyes got softer.

She slightly laughed, "I have never been out of my house until recently.. I don't really hear or do much." She then looked at him, embarrassment in her eyes that could easily be seen.

"No need to be ashamed," Jackson placed his hand on her head, "Sometimes it's better to stay in the dark than reveal yourself." He then removed his hand, walking over to another customer way on the other end of the bar.

Y/N stood up, not finishing her pie or water. She made her way to the door, shoving her way through people gently; not wanting to be noticed.

She opened the door and excited the club and looked out into the parking lot in the sand.

However, Taehyung's car was nowhere to be found. She then walked to where his car was supposed to be parked; it simply wasn't there.

She heard tires skid across the pavement so she looked up to see his car going down the road; but two heads seemed to be in the car. However, Y/N didn't overthink it.

She simply took it as he had something important to do.

She then realized she had left his jacket in the car, along with her own. She'd changed before they left for the club, simply wearing a short dress that was at her mid thigh.

It was noddle strapped, showing her shoulders, neck, and collarbones. Her revealed body was ridden with goosebumps as a breeze brushed past her.

She hugged herself. The white dress squeezed her body, showing her entire figure. Her body was shaped like an hourglass. Her feet had white heels on them that were six inches high.

She then took a step forward, cars driving on the road; but there weren't that many.

Y/N started to walk down the sidewalk, looking up at the night sky. She'd apparently been in that club for longer than what she thought. She sighed as she looked at the sidewalk now.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as a sharp breeze hit her, causing her legs to go weak.

She then stopped at a crosswalk and started across, seeing no cars in view. Once she started to slowly walk, she closed her eyes and started to think.

All at once, everything in life hit her. She was taken from her father by Jungkook and a new boy took her from Jungkook.

She'd always thought love was one sided but it seemed to be different now that she had experienced it.

Jungkook would always be her first love, and she loved him now, but she knew nothing would become of them. So, she went to Taehyung who she had just met.

However, yet again, she felt different about him. Even after Jungkook screamed and scolded her, her heart didn't waver from how she thought or felt.

One thing confused her most; why he cared so much. Why he wanted Taehyung to only leave her alone. She didn't overthink it, just barely skimming through possible answers.

She concluded that it was simply for his power.

Y/N, with her eyes closed, was lit up by light in a single instant. However, she kept walking slowly, knowing her mind was wandering.

The light got brighter so she stopped walking as she hugged herself tighter. She felt her heart go numb as she thought about how Jungkook acted to her.

She felt like the bad guy, like she was doing something wrong.

She opened her eyes as the light got even brighter and a loud noise filled her ears. She looked towards the light, seeing it was coming from over a hill that she was slightly past.

The crosswalk was right below the hills top, making it a blindspot. Y/N turned to face the light, not registering what it was. She then narrowed her eyes as two headlights came over the hill.

That's when it hit her and a loud honking sound came from the car barreling over the hill right at her. Her legs froze, not letting her move.

No other car was in view and she didn't have time to see if any people were around. Instead, she let her body go limp; fear took over her.

She stared right into the lights of the truck like a deer. Her body shut down and her heart started to race. She could make out the features of the man in the car; green hair and a soft face.

He looked familiar but she couldn recoolect who he was. As he got close, her body wanted to fall to the ground from fear. The man's eyes went wide and she knew who he was.

Mr. Min.

The already broken teacher slammed on the brakes, quickly swerving to the right. The car screeched and he went right past Y/N's body, barely missing her.

He went to a sudden stop right behind her, neither of them were hurt. He then rushed out of the car.

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