Neighbors |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 15|

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"Have you thought about taking photography?"

Neighbors |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 15|

After everyone ate, Y/N helped Hoseok clean up the kitchen. Jungkook stayed in his seat as Taehyung put everything up. Y/N and Hoseok dried and put away all the dishes.

Jungkook finally washed the counters.

Once everything was done, Y/N looked at them, "Thank you." She smiled and bowed, "Please excuse me." She then walked out of the kitchen, grabbing Jungkook's jacket and robe.

She then started up the stairs and to Jungkook's room. She entered there, leaving the door slightly open. She laid his things on his bed, letting her fingers linger there.

She looked beside his bed to see a familiar picture. She then slightly walked forward to the other side of his room, picking the picture up in her cold hands. She then knew what it was.

Jungkook had framed the picture. She traced the man's face with her thumb; her heart beating quickly.

The picture was simply him walking down his driveway in a black mask and skinny jeans. Y/N had taken this very photo the day her mother died.

She knew it had to be from her small, wooden box so her heart skipped a few beats.

Why had he framed it and not confronted her?

Out the window, Hoseok climbed into Taehyung's car with him and they went to go somewhere, but she didn't know where exactly and she didn't even seem to notice.

She didn't notice Jungkook standing in the doorway watching her either.

She put the picture back down on his nightstand and kneeled in front of it, she placed her head on the wooden stand, taking in a deep breath.

Jungkook's room smelled like roses and something sweet. She couldn't place the exact scent but it filled her nose and made her sleepy.

She got to her feet and turned around to leave but stopped to see Jungkook right behind her. She hadn't heard him creeping up onto her.

He then laid her small wooden box on his bed and opened it, laying a few pictures on his silk sheets. He then looked at her.

That's when she noticed he had changed his appearance. His hair was now red with a hint of pink highlights at his roots. His skin looked much lighter and smoother; he seemed to glow.

She didn't know how she missed it in the kitchen. He had to have done it when he and Hoseok were at school.

Jungkook spoke, letting his fingertips drag across the photos on his bed, "Have you thought about taking photography?" He then looked down at her, "You're good with a camera. I didn't know I looked like this.." His voice lingered.

Y/N's throat was dry. She looked down, "You don't think I'm a stalker?" She was quiet and scared of what he could possibly say or do at that very moment.

However, she looked in his eyes as he placed his hand on her shoulder. He smiled a bunny smile at her, "Why would I think that?" He then looked at both her eyes, searching for something.

Y/N breathed deeply as they just stood there. She felt like passing out right on his bedroom floor.

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