Neighbors |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 20|

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"After everything that has happened to you, I hope to be by your side to help you through it all. Through whatever else is coming for you. If I can?"

Neighbors |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #1, Part 20|

Y/N woke up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. Her head felt heavy as her brain seemed to pound against her skull. She winced at the slight pain, rolling over to face a nightstand.

With a framed picture of Jungkook. She let her eyes flutter completely open and she sat up, looking around the room so she could take in her surroundings.

She was in Jungkook's bed.

She then looked under the covers, checking to see if she was fully clothed, and she was. Y/N picked up a note she saw on the foot of the bed, along with a few pills. She took the pills dry; with no water. Her head hurt too much to wait. She then read the note.

I'll be in your room. -JK

Y/N put the note down and got to her feet, steadying herself out. She then slowly walked to the door, pushing it open.

She started walking down the hallway, trying to remember what exactly happened last night. It didn't come back to her.

Once she got to the stairs, she saw Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jin sitting and watching television. She shook her head, walking right by them.

Once she made it to her door, she saw it was slightly open. She rubbed her forehead once before pushing it open the rest of the way slowly.

She stopped in her tracks, in the doorway, when she saw Jungkook sitting on her bed, head hanging low. His shoulders were slumped and his breathing was heavy.

She stepped forward once and stopped again. Everything started to come back to her.

The rejection. Him leaving her. Then he rescued her and admitted he wanted her. It was all too much for her to take in. She wasn't sure what he meant anymore and it hurt her.

However, she couldn't stay thinking for long.

"Y/N?" Jungkook spoke as he stood up, looking right at her. Jungkook took a step towards her, seeming to make sure that he wasn't dreaming.

He then engulfed her small, hurting body in a large hug, nestling his neck in the crook of her own.

She just stood there.

Jungkook then smiled as he released himself from her, "I'm really sorry for what I did yesterday..." His voice seemed distant as he spoke.

He was regretful, "That was wrong of me and I don't know what I can do to make up for almost killing you." His eyes were red. He had been crying.

Y/N looked up at him, not sure what to do. What was this flip? She offered a weak smile as her body wanted to fall to the ground, "You did nothing to hurt me. I was being selfish." Her eyes didn't want to stay open. She could feel herself falter with him not hanging onto her.

But she didn't have to worry for long.

Jungkook hugged her again, tighter this time, "What you said is true. I hurt people without even realizing it," He whispered in her ear now; sending shivers all up and down her body, "How can I make it up to you for all the lies and pain?" His voice was breaking.

She felt his tears on her back.

Y/N slowly raised her arms, putting them around his body, and squeezing him. She had no clue what she was doing but she knew it's what she wanted.

She kept quiet for a second and smiled to herself, tears starting to fall onto his chest. Y/N buried her face in his warm body now.

But that didn't last long.

Jungkook pulled away, grabbing her small face in his large hands.

He simply stared into her eyes as he spoke, "Do you still love me?" He whispered to her, not acting at all the way he did before. Something changed the King for the better.

And Y/N knew it was here. She was sure of herself this time. And it made her feel good with herself.

She simply nodded, squeezing her eyes shut, "How could I not?" She spoke softer than him, her voice cracking. She was on the verge of even more tears. She wanted to look away but she couldn't.

Jungkook got close as he held her face. His body was right on hers, "After everything that has happened to you, I hope to be by your side to help you through it all. Through whatever else is coming for you. If I can?" He got close to her face.

"A-Are you asking me out?" Y/N blurted out, shock on her eyes. She felt dumb for asking such a question and she immediately turned red. She wanted to hide but he had her locked tightly, "J-Jungkook??" She whispered, seeing him just stare at her, fire in his eyes.

And then he closed the space between them and kissed her.

Y/N didn't move at first; shock rattling her body. She about collapsed but Jungkook held her in his arms; not planning to let her go.

She then closed her eyes and kissed him back, not sure what she was doing. She simpy followed his motions.

He was gentle with her as he kissed her. He didn't force her into anything. His body was warm and hard against hers, causing friction between the two.

Y/N let the tears fall as the boy she was madly in love with kissed her. For once in her life, she was finally happy.

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