Misery |Min Yoongi, Imagine #2, Part 2|

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The doctor opened the pliers, holding the tooth in his hands. His breathing got heavier.

Misery |Min Yoongi, Imagine #2, Part 2|

"Agh.." Y/N started to wake up as she felt something cold against her body. She stirred to see Minmin directly in front of her, chained to a wall by her stomach and wrists.

Her arms were above her head and her head was slumped down. Izzy was to the left of Minmin, strapped a different way. A large chain was around her neck, keeping her up. Her ankles were tied with Minmin's.

Y/N blinked slowly, feeling something warm against her. She turned her head to see Namjoon right beside her.

His torso was chained to the wall, along with his wrists, just like Minmin. Y/N was tied to him by the ankles with a large, heavyweight chain.

Just as Y/N about passed out, she heard a loud thump from somewhere behind them. She felt the cold concrete wall she was against. It went from the floor to the wall, with no holes or gaps.

To Y/N's right was another concrete wall; no holes and no gaps. There was only one opening. Izzy and Namjoon were the closest to it.

Another thump sounded, catching Y/N off guard. She didn't have the strength to look but she knew someone or something was coming from what sounded to be a set of stairs.

Like they were in a basement.

The only source of light was from a small barred window. It was a foot long and six inches wide. The bars looked old and rusty; like they were breakable.

Y/N closed her eyes as she let her head fall. Her heart was racing in her chest. As the sound got louder, an ungodly smell got thicker.

Salt and rust filled the room, along with what seemed to be blood and liquor. The stench carried like rotten meat. It was toxic. Y/Ncoughed.

The thumping stopped.

Y/N quickly froze as she felt Namjoon wiggle beside her, "Shh." She whispered as quietly as she could. Namjoon stopped moving. He seemed to turn dead again.

Y/N could feel his deep breaths against her. She tightened her eyes.

That's when Y/N heard a deathly sound. The sound of metal being drug on metal. Her heart raced and raced and she felt as if she was going to blackout again Her head started to swirl.

That's when the sound came right upon them around the corner of where they were.

She heard breathing. Loud breathing. It sounded congested and full. Almost like whoever was causing the sound was dying from the inside out.

When she heard the thing breathe out, it came out as a loud, low growl more than anything.

Y/N was sweating. She felt Namjoon tense up beside her.

Everything felt heavy as she heard a loud clanking coming right towards her. She then felt something cold against her neck.

Her eyes shot open and she looked up.

A scream escaped her lips, waking Minmin and Izzy. Namjoon startled, screaming himself. Minmin and Izzy was too shocked to breathe or even move.

Y/N kept screaming.

Right in front of her face was a very detailed mask of a bird's face. It was a plague doctor mask. It was pitch black and rigid and cold. The eyes looked dead. The name Min Yoongi was wrote across its forehead in blood.

The figure wore a black cloak, covering its whole body. Even it's head. The only part showing was the mask. A tophat was on his head, and he carried a large cane.

Connected to the cane were a chain and a pair of pliers. The figure's breathing was even more rigid. His breath smelled of rotten meat and mold.

Finally, she jerked her head away screaming and screaming. She didn't shut up, especially when the plague doctor grabbed her by the chin, holding her face tightly.

He wore black leather gloves that were as rough as sandpaper and as hard as rocks.

With his other hand, he raised the pliers to her mouth. She tried to pull away but she couldn't. She still screamed and screamed, shaking her body to the best of her ability.

Minmin and Izzy started to scream, trying to get out of the chains. Namjoon tried to break free but he failed to.

That's when the doctor forced her mouth open and shoved the pliers inside her mouth, grabbing her back right tooth. He then pressed down as Y/N screamed and cried and kicked.

"STOP!" Namjoon screamed at the doctor, trying his hardest to break free.

That's when he ripped the pliers from her mouth, her tooth carried with them.

Her voice turned shrill as blood quickly gushed from the back of her throat, flowing down her face, hitting the floor like water.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she banged it against the cement.

"NO!" Minmin screamed as she cried out. Izzy was trembling with fear and anticipation.

The doctor opened the pliers, holding the tooth in his hands. His breathing got heavier.

You could hear the sinister grin by how he breathed. You knew he was smiling, he was playing, he was hunting.

He then turned to Namjoon as he put the tooth in his pocket. Namjoon growled as the man grabbed his hand, applying the pliers right onto his left thumbnail.

Namjoon couldn't pull away as he ripped his nail off his hand, blood pouring. He put the nail in his pocket. Namjoon was breathing heavily but he kept himself from screaming out in pain. His eyes were dark and heavy with something worse than hate.

That's when the doctor turned to Minmin and Izzy. He threw the pliers against the wall away from them all and pulled a scalpel from his pocket.

He kneeled between Izzy's legs, grabbing a back piece of her hair, holding her head up high. He then struck the instrument against her head, shearing a large clump of hair from her head. He made the cut deep and clean, blood coming from the gash.

He'd cut and nicked her in the process, drawing blood. But not on her head. He slowly drug the blade down her forehead and to her cheeks.

He grabbed Minmin's arm and struck the weapon right into her forearm, carving a large chunk of meat out. She screamed and cried out in pain the entire time.

He then put both parts of the girls into his pockets, throwing the scalpel where he threw the pliers. Minmin was bleeding.

The doctor stood and started to walk away. You could hear him dragging his cane and the chain against the cement floor and his thumping as he climbed the stairs somewhere behind them.

His breathing never got quieter.

Then the door shut and the sound of multiple locks clicked.

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