Let Me Open The Door |YoonMin, Imagine #1, Part 1|
         Let Me Open The Door 

                            Imagine #1, Part 1| yoonmin stories

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'Nothing good could come from this,' Y/N thought to herself.

Let Me Open The Door |YoonMin, Imagine #1, Part 1|

"Y/N, before you go in there, we need to talk," Ra spoke loudly as she grabbed her friend's shoulder, trying to get her to turn around and face her, "Something is going to happen and you need to be ready to face the truth." Her voice had turned deep and cautious. She knew all of the possible outcomes of this very situation. Y/N stopped walking once she got to the door which they needed to go into.

She then slowly turned her body to face Ra and she then spoke, "Why have you been up my ass the whole way here? If it was so important, couldn't you have said something when we scheduled this meeting a week ago?" Y/N rolled her eyes, "Now if you don't mind, I have a modeling career to finish."

She started to open the door but Ra slammed her body between her friend and the door.

Y/N then gave her a look and backed up, throwing her hands in the air, "What's your problem with this today?" She sounded more concerned than angry now; she'd shifted.

Ra lowered her head a bit as she took in a sharp breath, "I just don't want you to walk out of a career that could take you far and deep into your life. It scared me to even process that thought of you," Her eyes were full of sadness.

"Why would I walk out on a chance such as this?" Y/N slightly laughed at Ra as she ruffled the top of her hair, pressing down slightly, "I would never do such a thing like that. You of all people should know that. There's no need to be worried."

Ra let her shoulders fall as she stepped to the side, looking down at the floor.

Y/N then opened the door, walking right into the room, a large smile on her face. She carries herself well, not slumping her shoulders. Instead, her posture was straight and upright.

Everything about her screamed confident and bold. Just the way she wanted to look.

However, Y/N was exactly none of that.

The sixteen-year-old was very insecure and quiet. She isn't the girl to just walk up to random strangers and present herself. No, instead, she is very introverted.

However, her dream job required her to get out of her comfort zone.


She then lifted her gaze, setting her eyes upon a man that she once knew. Her eyes were set upon a man that she had run from and left. The man's name was Min Yoongi, otherwise known as AgustD.

He was a rich, sophisticated model producer that was renowned worldwide.

He was gorgeous and menacing. He always got what he wanted. Y/N was the first woman in his life that had left him. She was the first woman to claim what she wanted; freedom from him.

She left him for more than the abuse and neglect in her career. He is twenty-one.

'Nothing good could come from this,' Y/N thought to herself.

Park Jimin, known for his fashion line, was also present in the room along with one woman named Nicole Mae Storm. Jimin is nineteen and is a major fashion statement and media personality.

Nicole is a seventeen-year-old girl who became famous for her singing and modeling career.

Y/N strove to be just like her. And here she was, meeting her for the first time.

She then stopped in her tracks, Ra standing behind her in the doorway, not entering the room. Ra knew she was in for it after this meeting.

By this point, Y/N had figured out that Ra knew Yoongi was going to be here, along with Jimin and Nicole. However, the last two people weren't on her concern list; Yoongi was.

"Ah, Y/N, it's so good to see you again!" Yoongi spoke aloud as he stood to his feet, holding out his arms, "Why have you not contacted me, sweet thing?" He raised an eyebrow, hurt in his eyes.

However, the emotion wasn't true. He was manipulative.

Jimin spoke, "You know this woman?" He sounded confused and a little backed up.

Nicole just stayed quiet, watching Y/N intently.

"Of course I do," Yoongi smiled at his fellow employer, "We go back a while. She's just disappeared off the face of the earth for nearly four months. Haven't ya, sweet thing?"

Y/N definitely did not miss that nickname. She didn't miss anything about Min Yoongi. He was too much for her. He was too old for her. He was too false for her.

Nicole then leaned back, speaking before Y/N could process what had just happened, "If you're always appearing and disappearing, how do you expect to keep your career afloat? We need someone who is serious, not playful." She was definitely not how she acted on television.

Y/N opened her mouth but didn't have the chance to speak.

Jimin's voice filled the hard air in the meeting room, "I'm sure she had a reason to disappear. Isn't that correct..." He paused and looked down at the paper which was her filled out form, "...Y/N?" He smiled a gentle smile towards her.

Y/N nodded and suddenly spoke, staring right at Yoongi, "Yes," was all she could muster up. Her entire body seemed frozen.

Ra still stood behind her, not even wanting to make her presence known.

The room was already hard and tense without her having to come up and show anything else that could anger someone in the room that could help Y/N skyrocket with her career; especially Yoongi.

"Hmmm," was all Nicole replied with, sitting back in her chair, staring at Y/N still.

Yoongi then smiled as he took a step forward, "Why did you disappear, sweet thing? I'm sure we all want to know the answer to that question. Isn't that correct, Ra?"

Yoongi noticed Ra. Of course he did. Y/N didn't look back to see that Ra simply nodded, sweat beading down her pale forehead. She was nervous.

Y/N then lifted her head and straightened up her posture, staring right at Yoongi, "I had personal matters to attend to is all. It won't happen again." Her voice was sure and direct.

She left no gap for mistakes.

"I'm happy to hear it!" Jimin laughed as he stood to his feet, "You're a beautiful young lady, I am excited to work with you if Nicole and Yoongi here agree with me."

'It's that easy?' Haven thought to herself as she looked at Jimin who was grinning at her. Something about the young fashionista caught her attention. She was excited to work for him.

Nicole stiffened her head and nodded, but she never spoke. Ra raised her head up, waiting for Yoongi's review.

Yoongi grinned at Y/N and winked, "Happy to have you aboard," He then sat back down once he backed up, staring right at her; along with Nicole and Jimin.

Everything in Y/N's body then shut down.

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