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              Important News ;)

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The Fallen Palace.

Important News ;) |Soon To Be Published|

You may be noticing I am updating but not daily on Commaful. There is a reason which I am very excited about. I am currently working on an actual book that I plan on publishing this year or the beginning of next year :) It is called "The Fallen Palace" and I am extremely spastic about this. I am going to include a sneak peak of this novel.

This is going to be a PREVIEW of the Prologue but it will not include the whole thing. Mainly because I want this to be a surprise and I'd rather not have someone steal a story that took a month to get the full concept and plot to.. But, here you go :) I will show you the ending and the beginning of the Prologue. I hope you enjoy <3

“Do you believe in fairy tales?”

The girl who was spoken to turned her head to see an old man looking directly at her, beaming as he spoke. He had azure blue eyes and the whitest head of hair and beard. He looked to be well into his eighties but got around and spoke like a teenager.

The girl raised her eyebrow as she turned around completely to see the man just standing there, waiting for an answer, “Depends on who’s asking?” She tilted her head, offering the elder a soft smile.

“My name’s Lannoc; just your friendly neighborhood grandpa looking to tell the young generation a few stories before my time is up.” He seemed too cheery to be an old man. Like he was a young boy trapped in an old, timed out body.

“I’m Haven,” She steps forward, extending her hand out for him to shake it, “And I’ll listen to your story; If you tell me what it’s about.” She grinned at him with affection in her eyes.

This wouldn’t be Haven’s first run in with an elderly person looking for money, food, or even a place to stay. She worked part-time at a Homeless Shelter so she knew how these people worked and how they thought. Her main job, as an author, also opened up her eyes to the human nature of people and what they’d do for a single grain of rice.

Haven wasn’t blind to human nature or how people acted when they wanted something. She’d studied them long enough to understand them completely. She could possibly become a psychologist or even a therapist.

Lannoc takes her hand and firmly grips it, giving it a good shake or two, “Brothers.”

I am going to skip the rest of the Prologue and show you the ending of it :)

Haven shakes her head as she briefly looks at her lap, “You asked me if I believe in fairy tales,” She looks at him, “The truth is if something sounds real enough and you give me hard proof, I will believe it. And if it sounds fake and you have nothing in your pockets, I throw the idea out. That’s how I run.” She has a look of composure written across her forehead.

“Will you listen to my story then?”

Haven turns sideways, leaning her back on the side of the bench. She crosses her legs and sits her elbows on her knees, holding her face in her hands, “If your story is convincing enough, I’ll stay here all night. If it isn’t or it gets sloppy, you can count on me getting up without saying a word and leaving.” She was playing hard core.

“I believe you’ll find my story quite . . .” He pauses, looking for the precise word to use in that moment. He then flattens his face to where it’s void of any expression, “Believable.”

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