If I Stay (ONE SHOT) |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #3|
            If I Stay (ONE SHOT)

      |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #3| oneshot stories

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"Namjoon, if you can hear me, I beg you to show me that you understand this situation... I beg you to show me a sign that you're there."

If I Stay (ONE SHOT) |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #3|

"Mrs. Kim, the healthiest choice in this situation is to pull the plug. For your husbands sake and your own." The doctor stood in the doorway, looking at the woman sitting in the chair beside a hospital bed that was occupied by a black-haired man.

Mrs. Kim, also known as Y/N, didn't look back at the doctor as she gripped her husband's hand, "I'm not letting go of Namjoon." Her voice was soft as she spoke. With tears in her eyes, she looked down, "I just can't."

The doctor spoke again, "I understand the pain you're going through, I have seen it many times before but Mr. Kim is not coming back. If he does, he won't remember anything. He won't be the same," The doctor paused, "I am telling you what is best for your health and his."

"Please leave me alone so I can think?" It was more of a question than a statement when she spoke, "I need some alone time right now."

"Of course." The doctor nodded as he turned and walked out of the room, shutting the door as he left.

Y/N placed her other hand on Namjoon's forehead as she still gripped his hand, "Do you remember when you asked me to marry you?" She smiled to herself as she bit her lip, "Exactly three years ago, right by the lakeshore at my home. That is the best day of my life." She paused, looking into his closed eyes.

There was no sign of any response.

Namjoon had a seizure almost one month ago and it struck him into a hard coma. In that month, he had shown no signs of waking up and his pulse always seemed to be on the verge of death.

Y/N wasn't with him when it went down. If she was, she could have saved him from this. She blamed herself on the daily and she never left the hospital.

"Namjoon, if you can hear me, I beg you to show me that you understand this situation... I beg you to show me a sign that you're there." Her voice got quieter as she spoke, "I can't lose you, not like this."

Tears started to stream down her cheeks as she lowered her hand from his forehead and laid her head against his cold arm. She intertwined her fingers with his, gripping their hands together tightly.

"I..." She stopped talking as tears hit the bed, "What should I do?" Her voice cracked as she raised her head slightly, looking at the heart monitor.

It was barely beating.

"You're not coming back to me, are you?" She then bit her lip, smiling to herself, "Why now?" She then looked at his face, "What about your one-year-old daughter? What am I going to tell her?" She started to cry louder.

There was still no response.

"What the doctor is saying can't be true, can it?" She laughed to herself as she shook her head, "They're not God, they can't see the future, right? They're wrong sometimes. Can't he be wrong now?" She then gripped her hand as tight as she could.

The room was cold and a thunderstorm started to roll in on the hot day that could be seen through the window in the room.

"Namjoon, I love you."

Y/N let his hand go as she grabbed her face, crying into the palms of her hands. Her body shuttered and by her frail voice, you could tell she was in pain.

Then his hand twitched.

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