I See You (SPIN-OFF) |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 3|
           I See You (SPIN-OFF)

|Park Jimin,
                            Imagine #2, Part 3| parkjimin stories

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"I'm your guardian. I protect you. I never left to begin with."

I See You (SPIN-OFF) |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 3|

- 6 Months Later -

"Are we done here?" Y/N grabbed her purse and looked at the specialist that was assigned to her, "Because I need to get home and do what I need to do if you don't mind."

The doctor gave her a look as he stood, "Y/N, we need to talk about your... problem. All you ever do is leave when we get on the subject."

"No shit, Sherlock," Y/N barked at him, "Because it's not a problem, it happened." She then turned, slamming the door shit behind her.

Doctor Jung sighed to himself, sitting back down at his desk.

Y/N drove home quickly and got inside the house, making sure she locked all the locks on the door as she did so. She sighed, walking into the kitchen.

"Why can't they just leave me alone?" She spoke to herself, sitting her things on the island bar in the middle of her kitchen.

Something then broke from upstairs.

Y/N turned and grabbed the pistol on the counter, not second-guessing her actions. After what her father did, she was always wary and prepared. She never went into battle without a weapon.

She cocked the pistol and started up the stairs, not making a single sound. She heard something else break from her room so she walked a little faster to her door.

Sh then opened it slightly, looking in, pistol in hand.

However, she stopped to see a familiar black figure standing over her bed, flipping through her diary. She then lowered the pistol, putting it in the front of her pants, uncocking it.

The figure then turned around, a smile forming from the blackness of it's form.

Y/N felt her body tense up.

The figure then turned completely to color. And the man standing before her was too familiar to try to forget.

He smiled, "It's good to see you again, Y/N. How have you been?"

She felt her heart wrench at his voice, "You said you'd never come back... Why are you here?" Her eyes were wide as she looked right at Jimin.

"I'm your guardian. I protect you. I never left to begin with." Jimin's words were short and full of emotion.

Y/N just stood there, "This whole time..?" Her voice was unsure as she spoke and she felt her nerves bundle up inside her frail body.

Jimin grinned at the young girl, "Of course, how could I leave you? You've been through enough, I'm not adding onto that. Plus, you seem to need some company after everything I've read in this journal."

She didn't speak at first as she simply loomed int his deep, dark eyes. They were black like before but his hair was now pink. A light pink. It made him look much younger than he should have been.

She didn't speak as she stared at him.

"But don't worry, I will stick around this time. I won't make you think I'm gone." He winked at her as she rushed him into a bear hug.

Y/N felt a tear fall from her left eye and down her cheek as she hugged the creature that used to be her worst fear as she spoke.

"I thought I'd never see you again."

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