I See You (FINALE) |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 2|
               I See You (FINALE)

|Park Jimin,
                         Imagine #2, Part 2| parkjimin stories

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"I know you're in here. I can smell you..."

I See You (FINALE) |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 2|

Once Y/N entered the house, the door slammed shut behind her. She turned around, grabbing the handle. It was locked. She backed up, hearing something crash upstairs.

"Mother?" Y/N yelled as she walked to the bottom of the stairs. She stopped and looked up, seeing blood painted across the left sidewall. She grabbed the railing, her whole body radiating fear. She shook terribly, not able to breathe properly.

She started to slowly walk up the stairs. Every step made the steps crack and pop underneath her feet, causing the teenager to wince.

The screaming stopped pounding her head and everything went quiet as she stopped at the top of the stairs. The bloodied wall continued all the way to her mother's bedroom. The blood was painted on the doorknob.

Y/N's voice broke, "Mo-" However, she never got to finish her sentence.

A hand went over her mouth, shutting her up completely. Her eyes widened when she saw the hand was mostly black, only a little bit of skin noticeable. The skin was white and looked like a man's hand.

She then heard the figure behind her whisper in her ear, "Beware the man you think you know." The voice sounded as if it was choking, trying to breathe for air.

By the time Y/N turned around, the black figure was gone. It had disappeared into thin air. On the floor, Y/N noticed black blood. Her heart started to race. Did the black shadow bleed? She then turned back to face the door.

She inched forward, not speaking. She then stopped in front of her mother's door, reaching for the knob slowly. Her hand touched the blood, causing her to gag.

It was fresh.

She turned the knob, cracking the door open a few inches. Her heart fell into her stomach. Lola was on the floor, blood pouring from her mouth and stomach. Standing over her was a man.

It was Y/N's father, Ahn Yeuhan.

Y/N stopped breathing all at once as she saw the knife in her father's hand. His father seemed to be eating the mother's dead corpse. Y/N covered her mouth.

That's when he turned around.

Y/N screamed, slamming the door back shut. She raced to her room, shutting and locking the door. She was about to call the police, only to realize she dropped her phone outside along with the rest of her things.

She grabbed her head, wanting to cry as she heard her doorknob starting to rattle. She then looked at her tall mirror that slid open. She opened the sliding mirror, closing herself in the tight space. She kneeled down, looking through the keyhole.

You wouldn't know the mirror opened if you weren't told.

Y/N covered her mouth as her whole door started to rattle and bang. Then it came crashing down. Yeuhan walked into the room, only his lower half was visible to Y/N. He had the knife in his hand, blood coming from his entire body.

Yeuhan had been in prison for 12 years, on counts of murder and cannibalism. Lola had always blamed Yeuhan's actions as the reason Y/N was the way she is. And that wasn't all entirely false.

After her father was sent away, when she was 4, the black figure showed up. But the figure was never there to hurt her. It was there to warn her, protect her. It just never seemed that way. Y/N still hadn't caught onto what the shadow really was to her.

Yeuhan whistled, "Come out, come out wherever you are." the man was singing to her, taunting her. With every small step he took, his heels clicked, the sound echoing throughout the room.

Y/N started to breathe heavily, tears falling from her cheeks. She could smell the blood from where she was and it made her want to throw up and run. However, she knew she couldn't. Not like this.

That's when Y/N saw her father open her closet door, "Where are you, little girl? I won't hurt you more than you deserve." He was smiling. She could hear it in his voice.

He was insane. Yeuhan had always been insane. Lola knew that but she fell for him anyway. And now, this is what happened to her. Lola had turned in Yeuhan to the police even after he begged her not to.

To Yeuhan, this was their karma that he got to create.

Y/N's eyes widened as she saw the black figure standing in her closet doorway. She could see his features more now. He had blonde hair and black eyes. His lips were plump and his face was plush-like. He was staring right at Y/N.

Y/N removed her hand from her mouth and gripped her thigh. Her other hand was currently placed on the side of the mirror, holding her steady.

"I know you're in here. I can smell you..." You could tell in his voice he was grinning like a Cheshire cat, "Let daddy taste you." He walked closer to the mirror now, stopping a few feet away from it.

Y/N closed her eyes for a split second and when she reopened them, he was gone. She narrowed her eyes, wanting to see around the room but she knew she couldn't without moving and making a sound. So she stayed put.

She looked back to the closet, the black shadow was gone. The closet doors were shut, unlike before when Yeuhan had opened them widely.

That's when a scream escaped Y/N's lips.

An eyeball appeared right in front of the keyhole. The eye was bloodshot and thirsty. The eye belonged to Yeuhan.

"Found you!" He laughed uncontrollably as she started to shake the mirror.

Y/N covered her mouth, tears streaming down her face. She was ready. She was waiting. She was bracing for him to open that door and kill her, to eat her, to torture her.

However, that didn't happen.

The shaking ceased.

And no sounds were heard.

Y/N looked at the keyhole, too scared and confused to look back out and see what was there, waiting for her. She curled up into a little ball, looking forward. Waiting for death to come her way.

Except it never did.

She then heard that faint whisper, "It's safe now, Ahn Y/N." The voice still sounded as if it was choking. But she knew it wasn't Yeuhan. She knew it belonged to the black figure.

Y/N then slowly opened the mirror door, seeing Yeuhan's dead, bloody body on the floor. His neck was snapped. She then threw her head to the side, throwing up on the floor.

She felt her hair being held behind her head as she threw up. Sirens then sounded in the distance. Someone had called the police. But Y/N didn't put the pieces together of who did.

She looked back and upwards, to see the black figure, holding her hair. Except now, she could see him perfectly fine. She then noticed a tattoo on his arm. It was his name.

Park Jimin.

She threw up again. She then looked out the window, seeing the red and blue lights. She heard cops screaming and giving orders. She heard her front door being torn down.

"I will protect you." Jimin's voice faded away and she felt her hair fall against her back as she threw up even more.

She looked up, past Yeuhan's body, and to her partially open closet. Jimin was now completely back to being a black shadow. He stood in that partial opening of the closet, watching her.

"I see you.." Y/N whispered, wiping her mouth as she cried a river. Her body was shaking violently as her stomach churned due to the smell of blood and flesh. She felt sick. She felt like death.

She closed her eyes just as her closet doors shut, Jimin disappearing behind them, still watching her through the blinds.

Cops then flooded her room.

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