Hush, Hush (SEASON 2) |Min Yoongi, Imagine #1, Part 7|
          Hush, Hush (SEASON 2)

 |Min Yoongi, 
                            Imagine #1, Part 7| fanfiction stories

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"Hush, Hush~"

Hush, Hush (SEASON 2) |Min Yoongi, Imagine #1, Part 7|

Taehyung started running.

He simply dropped the flashlight and he started to run as fast as he could. When he had shone the light on the man with green hair and the red jacket, he recognized who he was.

Even with the bullet hole going through his forehead.

Min Yoongi.

Fear radiated within Taehyung and he knew he was out of reach to get help. HE didn't know what was going on. Something within him sparked.

So he kept running.

He then ended up on Bavaria Road, seeing his truck not that far away. However, something was offsetting about the truck.

It was running

The lights were on.

The engine was revving.

Taehyung then felt his pocket, feeling the keys in them. He then slowly grabbed them, holding them out in his hand as he stood there, clicking the off button.

It didn't work.

Taehyung felt his heart freeze in his chest. He then looked at the truck more, seeing someone in the driver seat. Someone was controlling the truck.

Taehyung squinted his eyes, his heart exploding inside himself.

Min Yoongi sat in the truck, a blank expression across his face. He was just staring at Taehyung. Simply staring and not doing anything.

Then the car surged forward.

"SHIT!" Taehyung let a scream escape his lips as he jumped out the way and into the mud on the side of the road. His patrol truck sped past him and where he was just a second before.

Taehyung sat up, his heart beating faster than the speed of light. His body started to pull him towards a state of panic.

"What the fuck is going on?" Taehyung then stood up, not sure if he was in reality or a very bad dream. He wanted to believe it was a dream.

A nightmare.

"Hush, Hush~"

Taehyung froze as he heard someone singing behind him. Shivers went all up and down his spine as the hair on the back of his neck rose up slowly.

Taehyung then slowly turned around, but something seemed to grab him before he could completely. He then felt his body being pulled.

Before he could react, something sucked him deep into the Casanova Woods.

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