Hold Onto The Dark |Long Series #1, Part 1|
            Hold Onto The Dark 

        |Long Series #1, Part 1| kim taehyung stories

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Minmin nodded, "We promised to teach you everything and we should have started with the Bangtan boys. They're dangerous and are to not be reckoned with."

Hold Onto The Dark |Long Series #1, Part 1|

"Y/N, I think the Bangtan boys are looking at you," Choi Hee spoke softly as she drank her milk from the carton, making sure not to make direct eye-contact with anyone else other than Y/N.

Kim Minmin then looked at Hee as she spoke, "I think you're right... But it is kinda creeping me out to where I don't even wanna sit next to her," She then slightly chuckled, shivering.

Y/N didn't speak at first, she just looked up from what she was eating and raised an eyebrow, "Who are the Bangtan boys? You both know this is my first day here." She was utterly confused, "And why does it make you uncomfortable?" She looked at Minmin.

Hee then coughed as her eyes widened, "Oh my God, Kim Taehyung is staring lasers directly at the back of your head," She then lowered herself in her chair, "That's scary right there."

Y/N then scoffed, "I don't see what the big fucking deal is-" She then turned around to see whom they were speaking of.

Her mouth then dropped wide open as she made eye-contact with a male with a black mullet.

His eyes are as black as night and they were right on her. They seemed to have a hint of the color like blood within them, causing her to not look away.

His lips were plump and his skin was bright. He seemed to glow.

Sitting with him were six other males.

One had pink hair that matched him well. He seemed to be the smallest and the cutest, like a puppy. Something about his aurora seemed welcoming and friendly.

The other had dark brown hair and black eyes like a doe. He looked to be the strongest but not the meanest. He simply looked like a player and Y/N didn't want to mess with that.

Another had light blue hair with some black streaks within there at his roots more or less. He was watching her as well. He looked to be the leader; it was just how his posture was. He looked very intelligent.

One had bright red hair and deep red eyes. He had a longer like face but that made him look captivating. He was laughing and smile; definitely the happiest of the group.

Then one had mint-green hair and had the resting bitch face. He was currently sleeping on the table, ignoring the six other males who were talking and possibly arguing. He looked flawless.

The final male had purple hair and a smile upon his face. He looked to be the nurturer of the group, currently babying the one with pink hair and maybe even making fun of him.

Y/N then looked back at the one called Kim Taehyung and locked eyes with him once again. Something about him captivated her as she watched him the way he watched her.

"Y/N, don't look at them, you'll get their attention!" Hee then leaned over the table, smacking her across the head, "You may be new here, but that doesn't matter to them. They need respect!" She hissed.

Minmin nodded, "We promised to teach you everything and we should have started with the Bangtan boys. They're dangerous and are to not be reckoned with."

"But they look harmless-" Y/N tried to speak.

"They're fucking freaks," Hee said aloud, "That isn't harmless!" The girl with blonde hair seemed very upset now.

She then calmed herself, "Listen to us, alright? Do not go near them, no matter what."

"Don't be so harsh," Minmin chirped in, "It is her first day, give her some slack," Minmin then turned to look at Y/N, "Girls who go out with them or go near them to speak g missing and they're always found dead."

Y/N's face flushed pale as she raised an eyebrow, "Wouldn't they get in trouble for murder or kidnapping then?" She was still trying to understand the whole situation.

"Their father or whatever is the sheriff and then their step-father works with the FBI. They never get into trouble. Especially since their mother is the principal of this high school. They're practically untouchable."

Everyone went silent at the table.

"I'm gonna go use the restroom, excuse me," Y/N spoke as she slowly stood up, pushing her food away from herself.

She then turned and started to walk out of the cafeteria, having to pass the Bangtan boys table.

Taehyung watched her like a hawk.

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