Hold Onto The Dark (TEASER)
          Hold Onto The Dark 
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f_priestly "Embrace reality, even if it burns you."
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She remembers ...

Hold Onto The Dark (TEASER)

Red eyes.

She remembers their beading red eyes.

Sharp teeth.

She remembers the fangs that showed you no mercy.


She remembers their strength of a thousand elephants.


She remembers running away time and time again.


She remembers hiding, be stalked like their prey.

Ahn Y/N remembers it all too well.

She remembers Jungkook and his lustful ways that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

She remembers Jimin and his cute nature. He never would want to hurt a butterfly.

She remembers Namjoon and how dominant he truly was. The man would never take no for an answer.

She remembers Hoseok and his happy but vague nature. The man never did say what he actually wanted from her.

She remembers Yoongi and how violent, rude, and cold he was to her. Even when she tried to be something more.

She remembers Jin and how caring and protective he was over her. He always seemed to watch her.

But she remembered one of the Vampire brothers more than any others.

Kim Taehyung.

The man had a pitch-black mullet and the blackest eyes you had ever seen.

And when he turned?

He had hair of fire and eyes of lava.

She remembers how he was at first and then until the very end when he was taken from her, along with his brothers.

She remembers how much she loved him. How much she loves him. How much she wants him. How much she needs him.

Even through it all, she found her heart being tugged in only one place; to him.

Kim Taehyung died because of her.

She killed him.

She got him killed.

She got them all killed.

The guilt within her kept waking up, pulling her soul deeper and deeper into the pit of her stomach.

She started to feel a type of way that was dangerous for Vampires to feel. She started to feel angry.

She started to feel lost.

But as she lay there, on that broken rock used as a table, blood pouring from her mouth, staring into the sky, she simply smiled, thinking of all the happy things.

The Bangtan Brothers. Kim Taehyung. Her life. Her everything.

She started to think about all of the ways she'd be able to see them again. She started to think about all the possibilities.

From being human to bein turned in the span of a year.

It all came back to her.

All at once.

Her mind was filled.

With false hope.

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