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Jungkook then looks at Y/N as he places his hand on her shoulder, "Is my girl okay?" He raised an eyebrow, his eyes full of compassion. He truly did care about her.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (4)

The next morning, Y/N dressed in a short, sleeveless magenta dress that wasn't tight but showed off her curves. She then put on brown block heels along with a shell necklace. She put her hair in a messy bun and she did her make-up lightly. She put on stud earrings along with little giraffe ones. She then put on a heart locket bracelet that had belonged to her mother.

She then grabbed her teal and white backpack, throwing it across her shoulders.

She then opened her door, turning off the light, and shutting it right behind herself. Her heels clicked as she walked through the house. She tiptoed, not wanting to wake anyone up.

She then checked her phone, seeing her ride would be there any minute.

She didn't want to take the bus or ride with her brother and grandfather, so she found her own ride by a friend whom she trusted with her life; Jung Hoseok.

She had called him last night and they stayed on the phone. He wanted to come get her and take her out of there, but she didn't say yes. She didn't have the energy to. Too much was on her mind.

So, he volunteered to take her to school.

And she happily said yes.

Hoseok and her had dated a few times back when she was a Freshman and he was a Sophomore but they quickly concluded they were better as friend's.

They dated once more when he became a Junior but that ended a few weeks later. And, now, a year later, they were inseparable.

It was easy to tell Hoseok still loved her as more than a friend, but he never acted on that feeling. He loved her too much. He didn't want to lose her or damage their friendship.

Y/N, however, had no feeling beyond friendship for him.

They washed away a year ago when he cheated on her and disappeared for two months.

Y/N walked past her grandfather who was watching television, waiting to get her brother up to go to school.

They still had thirty minutes but Y/N wanted to get out early so she could talk with Hoseok.

Her grandfather knew that so he didn't say anything as she walked out that door.

The air was freezing cold and it shot straight up her dress and right in between her legs. Her eyes widened as she walked off the porch and down the two steps of stairs.

Her feet hit the asphalt, walking well on the rigid mess.

By the grace of God she kept her balance.

She then started up to the driveway, seeing a car parked in front of the red gate. SHe knew it was Hoseok so she started walking faster.

Once she opened the gate, she locked it back up and walked towards the back of the car, opening the passenger seat and getting in.

The heat hit her all at once. And it felt better than the bitter cold.

Hoseok locked the door as she put her seatbelt on and her backpack in the back along with his. He then stepped on the gas, turning around in front of her driveway and heading out onto the road and towards the stop sign at the beginning of her street. He then speaks, "Are you alright?" He looks at her as he stops at the stop sign, "I was worried so I showed up early, I hope you don't mind."

She shakes her head, "The more I am out of that house the better. Are you okay with taking me home too?" She then looks at him as he turns left to go down the other backroad.

Hoseok smiles, "For you, anything."

Relief washed over her. She then slid down in the seat, letting her dress slightly rise up, "I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up, y'know? I just want this all to be over."

Hseok then used his right hand to grab ahold of her thigh and grip it as he stopped at another sign, "I know it's shit for you right now, but I am always here.If you need to get away, I will be at your door within minutes. I promise." He kept his hand gripping her bare thigh.

Y/N laid her hand on top of his, "Thank you, Hoseok, really. What would I do without you?" She slightly laughed, a small headache booming inside her skull.

"You wouldn't be happy," He chuckled, "I am also going to pick up Taehyung and Jungkook. They are worried about you after what transpired last night so I told them I'd also get them so they could see you were alright." He then turned right.

Y/N nods, "Having all three of my best friend's in the car? Say less." She laughs again, closing her eyes and leaning her seat back, still resting her hand on his.

Around ten minutes later, they pulled into a driveway in front of a large white house made of some bricks. A boy appeared who was wearing ripped skinny jeans and a zebra print tank top. He wore biker boots and chains on his neck, along with earrings and bracelets.

The back door then opened that was on the driver side and he slid in, putting the backpacks on the ground in the middle of the car, behind the console, "What's up, bitches." He laughed as he spoke.

"Hey, Jungkook." Hoseok smiles as he locks the doors and begins to pull back onto the road.

Jungkook then looks at Y/N as he places his hand on her shoulder, "Is my girl okay?" He raised an eyebrow, his eyes full of compassion. He truly did care about her.

She nodded and looked back at him, leaning to kiss his forehead, "Better that all my friends are here." She forces a smile that soons turns to something real.

Jungkook grins, "Good, no wasn't an acceptable answer." He then leans back and puts on his seatbelt as he pulls out his phone, quickly messaging someone.

Jungkook and Y/N had known one another since Kindergarten. But they didn't become friend's until Freshman year. They are in the same grade, one below Hoseok.

However, Hoseok and Jungkook were both seventeen. Along with Taehyung.

Less than two minutes, they pulled into some grass, a boy standing beside the road at a two story brick house.

The boy wore jean shorts and a crop top, along with a leather jacket and black boots. He wore no jewelry, but a bandana was around his neck.

He got in the seat behind Y/N, putting his backpack with the three others that were on the floor by the console.

He then spoek right as he put his seatbelt on, "How's my favorite girl doing?" His voice was full of pleasure and empathy.

"She's doing better, how about yourself? You're the one who's had Corona for the past two weeks," She looked back at him through the mirror.

Taehyung scoffed, "Pft, if you think a sickness can take me down, you're gravely mistaken."

"That's now what you were saying when you were throwing your guts up in that trash can during lunch," Jungkook chimed in, "You said some horrid things that were not exactly...strong."

Everyone in the car laughed, along with Taehyung. Jungkook was off his phone now, as was everyone else. They were driving to school listening to music, and just laughing.

They were with whom they loved and they were having fun.

These four friend's were never separated. They were always with one another when they had the chance.

They sat together at lunch, in their classes, and they always met up in the hallways to take turns dropping one another off at their classes.

Everyone at their High school knew about their bond. There was no question about that. Sure, some people may not like them together, but they knew not to try anything.

For this friend group, if you messed with one of them, the other three would jump in.

That's just how they were.

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