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Was this man really going to help her?

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (3)

(Twenty Minutes Later)

Y/N was sitting in the corner again. Sobbing heavily as she was huddled up into a ball. The police were called to her house. She could hear them talking in the kitchen.

And, for the first time, fear was struck throughout her body.

What was going to happen?

She had been messaging Taehyung constantly, telling him what was happening. And, in that time, her ex-boyfriend and friend, Kim Jonghyun started messaging her, trying to calm her down.

He offered to come pick her up.

She wanted to say yes. She wanted away from there. But she said no. Simply to the fact that the police were there and nothing good could possibly come from him showing up in a time such as this.

That would only cause more tension.

Y/N then heard footsteps approaching her closed door. Her breathing stopped. She didn't know who it could be. An officer? A DSS worker? Her grandmother or father?

But it wasn't who she wanted it to be. She wanted it to be her mother. She wanted her mother to come and take her home and be with her. But she knew that wasn't going to happen.

It was never going to happen. Her mother was gone and that wasn't going to change.

A knock sounded on her door followed by a man's voice which she had never heard before, "Miss Y/N, may I come in and speak to you for a few minutes?" He had a deep voice but it wasn't husky. It sounded friendly and caring.

But Y/N wasn't falling for that again. She wasn't failing for fake people. She'd learned too well.

However, she spoke, her voice drained and cracking as the tears rolled down her cheeks, "C-Come in-" She then choked on her spit as she stopped talking.

She could feel the blood drying on her skin and head. Some of it is still running and oozing from the large cut in her head. It was a gash almost an inch wide and a half an inch deep. The handle had some blood coated on it.

The man opened the door, and an officer appeared in her doorway. His badge read 'Reeves'. He looked over and down at her, to see she was shaking in the corner of her room. It was obvious to him that she wasn't okay and that she was terrified. But not of anyone. Of what had just happened.

He collected, just by looking at her, that the young girl hated violence. She was very easy to read.

He then closed the door completely back shut, knowing that made her feel more comfortable. Once it clicked, he saw her muscles relax in her arms and face.

She then looked up at him more clearly, her cheeks stained red from tears.

He smiles at her as he walks forward and then he takes a seat on the floor before her, "Can you tell me what happened?" He was coaxing her.

But did he actually care?

"It doesn't matter. You won't help me. Nobody ever does." She looked away from him, burying her face in her knees that were brought up to her chest.

"You see this thing on my chest?" He pointed to a box which looked like a speaker on a portable Alexis, "This here captures everything that is said or any sound that is made. You tell me your story, and it will pick up on everything so my boss can later review it."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"So when your story is told, it's recorded. That is, I can't miss any details or anything important. So that the experts get it first hand and decide for themselves what to do," He smiles at her, "I promise this will not be taken lightly."

She shakes her head, "That doesn't matter. You'll listen to her like everyone always does. Who believed a teenager over an old woman? Nobody. It would be dumb if you did." And Y/N had a point.

Adults were always believed over younger people. It was how society worked now.

Reeves looked at her and he stuck out his hand, My name is Deputy Justin Reeves and I can tell you this, I am on nobody's side until I hear both stories. I heard your grandmothers and father's. Now I want to hear yours. Deal?" He tilted his head, keeping eye contact.

Y/N then took in a sharp breath of air as she let her hand be in his grasp and they shook on it, "Deal." She whispered, letting her hand fall back onto her knees.

"Would you like to sit on the bed to get more comfortable? Or are you okay with where you're at currently?" He stood up, sitting in her bowl chair which was beside her bed. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

She shakes her head.

He nods, "Tell me what happened on your side of the story. Feel free to tell me anything. I am here to listen and help you. I promise, Y/N." The man then pulls out a notepad and goes quiet as he looks at her, giving her time to think and start.

"We had a argument in the kitchen because I was sitting in her stool..." Her voice was distant, "I didn't want to fight so I got up as she was screaming and I shut my door. I wanted to be left alone, but she kept yelling at me."

And that was the sad truth.

All because her grandmother couldn't control her completely anymore, she got abused more and more every week. But nobody knew what was really going down.

For Y/N's families stories always matched. And Y/N's was always different.

"She then charged me in my room, grabbing my hair and punching me. Slapping me. Beating my head and throwing me to the ground. So I did the only thing I thought of; I kicked her into my bed," She pointed, "Causing that to break."

Reeves stayed silent as he looked and wrote down notes. He pulled out his iPhone and even took a picture. He then put it away, giving her his full attention.

"That didn't stop her so she kept coming at me so I kicked her again, my grandpa saw that when he appeared. My brother stayed in his room, not bothering to come help. But he'll say he did. They all will. They'll all tell the same story; different from mine." She went quiet.

The man then closed his eyes, obviously believing the girl. He wanted to believe her. How couldn't he? Here she was, crying as she spoke, trying to find the right words to tell her story.

"I don't want to be here anymore. I can't take it here anymore," She looked up at the officer, sobbing now, "Please get me out of here. I don't care where I go. As long as it is away from here. Please, I beg you." Her voice grew quieter now.

Justin Reeves looked at her now, noticing the blood, "Did She inflict that on you?" He stood up, approaching her and kneeling before her, "May I?"

She nods.

He pulls out his phone and leans behind her, taking a few pictures with the flash and then a video to show how long the bloodstream was down her back.

You could see the trail through her white shirt.

"She shoved me into the dresser there on that handle," She then pointed at the top handle on the left side of the dresser.

He stands, taking a picture of it. For there was a little blood there. "I will be back to talk to you, alright? Not tonight, but I will be back," He then hands her a card with his information on it, "If you ever need me, or something happens, contact me and I will be here, understood?"

Y/N simply nods, gripping the card in her hands.

"Promise me you will contact me, Y/N." Reeves looks down at her, not moving. He was waiting for her to speak. He wanted to make sure she wasn't lying.

She nods again, "I promise."

She hated breaking promises more than anything. She always kept them. She knew she was bound now and she wasn't sure if she should feel bothered or not. But she kept her spirits up.

Was this man really going to help her?

"I'll see you soon, Miss Y/N. Take care and be safe. Take care of yourself." He opens the door and steps out, closing it again. And, just like that, the man is gone.

Y/N could hear his voice again along with her grandparents. They started talking once more. She could hear her brother on his PC laughing with his buddies.

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