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Dream A Little Dream Of Me (20)

WARNING: Explicit sexual actions inflicted to oneself are mentioned. I will implant a warning right before it starts so you can skip it if you don't want to read it. Some important things happen in this scene but I'd be glad to fill it in for you. Or you can ask what happened in the comments. Plus: drug intake.

Y/N met Yoongi's thirteen-year-old brother, Mark, and his nine-year-old sister, Rose. Mark was friendly but quiet, he wasn't used to her.

Rose was open and energetic, wanting nothing more than to carry on conversations and play games.

Then Y/N met Jennie and almost right off, Y/N felt jealousy along with another feeling that she couldn't place. And then the way Yoongi acted around her made it worse.

He smiled and laughed, spurring on that jealousy and then her lust.

She wanted him to devour her.

Y/N was usually dominant in the situations that she placed herself into.

But, for some odd reason, she wanted him to control her, to be rough with her, and make her listen to everything he wanted her to do. She felt overwhelmed.

It was now almost three in the morning and she felt her stomach start to knot up as she sat on the corner of the couch closest to the wall. Yoongi sat right beside her. She felt hot and fuzzy.

Mark and Rose sat on the floor as they played a game with Jennie called Snake Oil.

Some of the answers and inventions they were coming up were more than hysterical and actually made Y/N share a good laugh with Yoongi.

She could feel Yoongi watching her and glancing at her every now and then. But he'd never look at her long enough for her to do anything.

He didn't want her to know he was stealing small glances of her every few minutes.

That made Y/N's lust burn even more.

She wanted nothing more than to kiss his lips. They were soft and small, but plump around the edges and in the middle.

They were a pale pink and glossy from him licking them a few times every once in a while.

A few minutes later, she ended up excusing herself saying she needed to go to the bathroom because she didn't feel too well.

She then walked to the bathroom which was a few feet away and she shit and locked the white door.

She then pressed her back up against the wall, squeezing her legs together tightly, feeling herself warm up the more she thought about Yoongi.

A feeling of total temptation and need was rushing through her veins.

She looks down, seeing a liquid run down her right leg. She looks close to see the right side of her jean shorts are soaked. She'd never felt herself like this before.

She was always able to control her body but for some reason her hormones were running wild.

More water started down her left thigh now, a clear wet spot on the whole front of her jeans. She felt the under of them to be wet too but the back felt completely dry.

One thing that made this situation worse was the fact she never wore underwear anymore.

She then moved and walked to the sink which was positioned to the side of the large mirror on the wall. It was five feet wide and at least six feet tall.

She stepped back against the wall and she looked at the liquid continuing to flow.

She tilted her head back, squeezing her eyes shut, imagining what she wanted Yoongi to do to her. Her thoughts ran wild and she started to shake softly.

(WARNING: Explicit content starts here and continues until the end of the chapter.)

She moved her right hand to rest on top of her belly button, leaving it there to squeeze her knotting stomach. She wanted to do something. She craved to feel pleasure.

But there was only one problem.

She could never get off by masturbation.

She let out a stifled moan, the veins popping out of her neck. She started to turn red, feeling sensations burst through her like fireworks.

She then stopped gripping her stomach as she kept her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

She slid her hand down.

She reached the hem of her shorts, letting an inch of her two index fingers and her middle finger rub close to her womanhood.

She pressed down, slowly going back and forth; from her left hip to her right hip. Her motions were steady and precise.

She didn't shake by her own hand. She was completely still and her body was steady. Her frame and structure never faltered. She was as stiff as a skyscraper.

But she felt as if she was going to fall any moment now.

She took her fingers from her shorts and slid her hand down to where it was resting on top of her womanhood. Shew could feel the moisture soaking through her palm, causing her to lick her lips.

She felt herself start to turn rapidly.

She kept her hand there for a moment, letting the warmness and the water soak all over her hand. She shook her head once, not opening her eyes.

She strained her head back even more as she stood in front of the mirror.

Then she slides her hand until it is cupping her womanhood. She doesn't move it in any direction. She opens her mouth slightly, squeezing her eyes tighter.

She started to feel dizzy as the heat started to set in. A sick feeling washed over her and came from within her stomach.

She was becoming sexually frustrated

She then starts to move her hand vertically, opening her mouth wider. She opened her eyes but only slightly, letting them flutter from being open then back to closed.

Her right leg was numb now and her stomach churned.

And her hand kept rubbing.

She didn't feel anything besides the bare minimum. But she needed something to get her through the night. By how things were going, Yoongi wasn't going to make any type of advance towards her.

They weren't even together.

But how he spoke and how his family talked about him, he seemed very formal and respectable. He didn't seem to be driven by the same lust Y/N was. She was in for sexual pleasure.

He was in for the lust of work that had nothing to do with intercourse.

A knock sounded on the door, "Hey, are you alright, Y/N? You've been in there for a while." It was Yoongi. He had lowered his voice and it sounded full of concern.

"Y-Yeah," She breathed as she stopped doing herself. She then shakes her head, "I just got hot. I'll be out in a minute." She straightened up her voice at the end.

"Alright. If you need anything, let me know, alright?" He still seemed gravely concerned for her and didn't want to leave just yet. Not until she answered him again.

Y/N looks at the mirror now, "Actually, can you bring me my sling bag?" She walks to the door slowly, grabbing the handle, waiting to unlock it.

"Sure!" Yoongi says aloud.

She can hear him walk away. She then unlocked the door, cracking it open just enough so she could see and grab the slingbag from Yoongi and slide it through the crack.

He then appeared, handing it to her, "You sure you're okay?" He furrowed his eyebrows, looking down at her and into her eyes.

She simply nodded and then she shut and locked the door back. She sat her sling bag in the sink, opening it up.

She ripped out her jogging pants, and she quickly tore off her shorts, throwing them on the floor. She then slid the jogging pants on.

(WARNING: Drug intake.)

She threw the shorts back in her bag but stopped when she saw a white bottle. She reached in and took it out as she held it in her hand. The label was in black and bold letters.


But it wasn't just Xanax. It was assorted medicines. It contained medicine for cats, heartworms, vein blockages, heart attacks, HIV, and also Xanax pills.

She opened the lid, many bright colored capsules and tablets making contact with her eyes. She then poured around sixteen different medicines in her hands.

She sure had at least one of each medicine and then some.

She threw her slingbag to the floor, turning on the water as she dumped all sixteen pills into her mouth.

She then leaned down, and like a water fountain at school, drank and drank water until all the pills were washed down her throat and weren't choking her.

She stood up, wiping her mouth.

She shakes her head as she kneels down, grabbing four melatonin pills worth 20mg a piece from a baggie as she threw the other pill bottle in her bag and shoved it to the bottom.

She lifted her palm to her mouth, downing all melatonin's dry.

She closes her sling bag and opens a cabinet and throws it at the very bottom, covering it up with towels and rags. She then closes it and steps back, taking a glance at herself in the mirror.

She then walked to the door, unlocking it and walking out. A few minutes later, Yoongi showed Y/N to the shed and where he slept.

He had built the whole top of the shed into a bed that was on the left side. There was an identical bed built into the other side.

He let her go to sleep in his bed, informing her he'd come in in nearly an hour to go to sleep, that he had to see Jennie off and make sure she got home safe.

Without complaining and all the medicines kicking in, Y/N climbed all the way up that metal ladder to go to bed.

She laid on the memory foam mattress he had and covered herself in the large blue blanket he had and she laid her head on his single pillow.

She fell asleep on the side of the shed, her body pressing against the corner. Yoongi had left the shed closed, the light off, and he turned on heating.

He didn't wanna bother knowing, knowing she'd had a rough day already and she hadn't slept in a week.

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