Dead In The Water (1)
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They had arrived at Lake Jackson.

Dead In The Water (1)


The black bus drove steadily down the mountain way road, not slowing down for any bump. The teenagers aboard the bus were glued to their seats, not seeming to notice the rough terrain.

Some were mind numb.

In the two furthest seats in the back of that bus sat three kids. A male and two females.

The boy wore a black hoodie and light blue skinny jeans. A nametag was across the left of his chest on the hoodie. The name spelled out "Daniel".

The two girl's both wore hoodies as well as joggers. One's name was "Rowan" and the other "Ayesha".

Of course, they were just like all the other kids loaded in that bus. They were there for their own separate reason and they had their own goals to achieve.

But they all had one thing in common which is the way that they were going to achieve their goal.

One female at the front of the black bus on the left, stared out the window, watching the terrain carefully as they drove along deeper and deeper into nature and further away from any people.

Her name tag read "Kayla".

The girl didn't try to talk or listen to the chattering amongst the bus by some of the teenagers.

No, instead, she kept to her thoughts and stayed quiet; never making eye contact with another individual.

Another individual on that bus was much of the same. It was yet another male whose name tag read "Connal". He was towards the middle of the bus and he was also seated at the window.

A girl was beside him, but they didn't pay each other any mind.

The girl beside him was named "Falon".

The rest of the kids on the bus were either sleeping, chatting away, or zoning out as they watched the trees pass by them.

Some were thinking of their families, friend's, lovers and how they didn't want to be here.

The terrain which they were now driving over was almost solid rock. They seemed to be passing through a valley. And they had passed a sign a few miles back that read 'Jackson Lake; Ten Miles'.

They were almost to their destination.

Connal turned his head to look at the driver of the black bus, watching him through the mirror above his head. You couldn't see his eyes, but you could make out his awkward smile.

It was small, but still there.

He looked back out the window, averting his attention completely as he started to go deep into thought.

Ayesha turned her head to look at Rowan who was seated beside her at the window, "Why do you think we're being sent way out here for over a month? Wouldn't institutions have worked better?" She sounded skeptical.

Rowan looked at her and replied, "I don't even know why I'm here. I have never done anything to hurt anyone." She sounded like she was at a loss for words.

And she had reason to be.

All her life, Rowan led people, she helped people. Of course, this meant she never truly helped herself. She cared about others before herself. And when she was alone, she'd almost break down.

And that is why she was there.

To gain independence.

A female by the name of "Lynn" was sitting alone on the black bus, towards the back. She was staring at her lap, rubbing her hands together. The bus was loud.

It was making her anxious and feel heavy as she breathed.

She had low self-esteem at times such as these.

Another female by the name of "Gigi" who was slightly crying the entire time they were on the bus. And it has been five hours since they boarded.

It woul;d be just shy of six hours once they get to their destination.

Gigi was emotionally unsupported. She had been her whole life. And that made her act out to her parents and close friend's. The tears left red stains down her cheeks and neck.

Connal then stopped breathing for a split second as the bus entered a wooded area that was thick in trees and bushes. He thought he saw something. But he shook it off.

He then closes his eyes, squeezing his hands together tightly.

All at once, the teenagers stopped talking and started looking out the windows of the black shuttle bus which they were forced in.

The scenery of the lake was coming into view, and the large mountain ranges in the back. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Some of the kids started whispering, some stayed silent, and a few acted as if they didn't care.

The driver was silent, staring at the dirt road ahead of the bus. He was still smiling awkwardly, with his left lip curled up, showing black teeth.

His eyes were covered by his ball cap and sunglasses.

The bus then slammed to a stop and some kids lurched forward into the seats before them. Some slammed into one another and some slammed into the sides of the bus. The driver then opened the door.

They had arrived at Lake Jackson.

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