Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 11|

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"Let's get out of here. I have big plans for this troublemaker."

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 11|

One week later, Y/N was along in her apartment. After Y/N told Lola everything that had happened, she didn't believe her and called her crazy. Lola dropped her, angry that Y/N hadn't contacted her in a month.

Y/N still had her phone with Jimin's bank account on it. It was never deactivated by Jimin. But she never used it. She never texted Jungkook's number either.

She didn't feel the same anymore, especially after what Namjoon had told her. Even if it was a story, it scared her to death.

She turned on the T.V.

"More girls have gone missing and more bodies are being found. Young ladies, everyone asks you to be with someone at all times and never go out in the dark by yourself."

Y/N then shut it off.

She didn't feel well anymore. All she heard was bad news and it made her ache. She wanted to hear something good for once.

She also heard that Park Jimin called off his wedding to the "Mystery Mistress' which she knew was her. She just wondered why he went public and didn't show her face or name.

But she didn't care about that.

She looked at the clock and it read 11:23 p.m. She then stood up, walking to the coat rack and grabbing a coat as she threw it on and zipped it up.

She then put boots on. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a white, tucked in, t-shirt. She opened the door, locking it behind herself.

She was on the first floor so she simply walked past the man at the counter and out the doors. He didn't notice her or he would have said something.

As she walked down the street, she felt a tear falling down her cheek. She quickly wiped it, her nose starting to run.

She didn't control herself as she started to cry. You could easily hear her from across the street. She kept her head low as she walked, staring at her feet with every step.

She opened the door to the convenience store and wiped her feet off as she entered it. The clerk, Mark Tuan, quickly noticed she was alone and kept his eyes on her. He had a gun under the counter.

Y/N walked to the back, picking up kimchi and banana milk. She then walked to the front, smiling at Mark, her eyes still red and puffy, "How are you doing?" She tried to carry on a usual conversation.

"Why are you out all alone? And where have you been? You usually come by every day." He started to ring up her things and put them both in a separate bag as he gave them to her. He looked at the price and then to her.

"It's a long story and I just wanted a walk..." She then opened her purse, seeing the only thing she had was Jimin's card. She closed it, "I forgot my money. I will come back tomorrow."

"Nope, I'll pay for it," He shoved the bags toward her on the counter, "You just take care of yourself." Mark smiled as he tilted his head at her.

She laughed, "Thanks, Mark. I'll surely come by tomorrow! I'll sweep for you." She then took the bags and walked out the door.

Mark smiled to himself as he went to the back of the store, turning off the lights. He was closing up since it was midnight now.

Y/N stopped at a crosswalk and looked across the street to see The Park Estate building before her. She didn't let her thoughts linger as she stared at it. She easily saw people moving around and she thought she saw Hoseok and Taehyung. But they quickly went into an elevator.

She then started to turn left but stopped in her tracks to see a man in full black looking right at her; not even ten feet away. He had snuck up on her and was going to continue to if she didn't look his way.

Y/N then looked the other way to see two other men approaching her. She then did the only thing she could. She walked forward and into the empty street to the building.

The three men followed her easily, never backing down.

She entered the building, the lobby was empty. She knew they were up at the penthouse. It was Jimin's birthday and they were all celebrating. She didn't bother the elevator, she went right to the stairs.

She threw her bags down as she started to run up the flight of stairs, not backing down. Especially when she heard the door slam open and heavy feet behind her.

Her heart started to pound. She had to run up one hundred flights and she was already tired on the tenth. However, she kept going. She didn't scream, she just ran.

The feet were getting closer to her now.

Minutes later, she was almost at the top but as she looked back the men were right there. But there were only two of them. The third was gone.

Finally, she opened the other door, seeing Jimin's penthouse door down the hallway so she took off in a sprint, sweat beading down her forehead.

But she never made it.

The third man came from the elevator and grabbed her, covering her mouth. She felt her heart stop as the other two came from behind her, holding her still in the hallway.

The one spoke, "Almost lost her." His voice was deep and not easily heard. He was whispering.

"Let's get out of here. I have big plans for this troublemaker." Another man, seeming to be the leader, spoke this time.

The one holding her mouth took the lead as they walked back to the stairs. They couldn't bother the elevator. The risk of getting caught was higher.

The other two men stood at the door as they opened it, letting the man who held Y/N go in first.

Y/N bit his hand and he howled. She then screamed, "JIMIN!" Her voice was shrill as it echoed in the hallway.

The men covered her mouth again, slamming her against the doorway. They then started to go out but another door slammed open.

Jimin appeared.

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