Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 13|

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"I want to love you; actually love you, Kim Y/N. Please..."

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 13|

Y/N opened her eyes to see she was laying in bed. She slightly winced at a pain she felt in her stomach. She slowly sat up and saw exactly where she was.

The penthouse.

She uncovered herself as she turned and moved her feet to hit the floor. She slowly stood up, looking to see all the lights were off and the door was closed.

She remembered everything.

She walked to the door, opening it slowly. Jimin wasn't anywhere in sight.

She then walked out of her room, closing the door. She noticed she wore a large dress shirt that was Jimin's. It also smelled like him.

She lifted it up, seeing she was in his boxers with no bra. Her socks were white and fuzzy. She figured they also belonged to him.

She looked up, hearing the elevator. Jimin walked in and looked directly at the woman who stood right in front of his desk.

With a smile on his face, his eyes grew softer, "How's my sweet little fiance doing?" His voice was light like a feather but it didn't echo like usual.

Y/N just looked at him, her face was blank, "I am so, so sorry..." She rubbed her forehead, her stomach churning against itself, "I just didn't know where else to go."

Jimin smiled, "I'm glad you came here. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you..." His voice was fainter as he slowly started to approach her.

"I'm grateful but I think I should go before-"

She didn't finish her sentence as Jimin wrapped his arms around her, hugging the small girl into his body.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," He whispered as he placed his lips right by her left ear, "And why should you apologize to me? I only want you to be safe in my arms." His voice was steady in her ear. He seemed sad.

Y/N just stood there, smelling him with her face against his chest. Her body was cold, "What are you doing?" She spoke softly, not sure what to do.

"I want to love you; actually love you, Kim Y/N. Please..." He sounded like he was about to cry, "I'd be beside myself if something happened to you and I couldn't help."

Y/N felt something wet his her shoulder.

She closed her eyes and let tears fall. Emotions overwhelmed her as she stood there in his arms. She hated him yet she started to actually like him. Nothing made sense to her anymore. But after what he did for her, she felt like something was there. Like she wanted something to be there.

She didn't speak as she slowly raised her hands up, wrapping them around his waist. He didn't jump or shake, he just gripped her tighter without saying a word.

They stood there for what seemed to be forever in each other's homely embrace.

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