Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 7|

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"Lock your door."

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 7|

Y/N opened the door, "Hello?" Her light was on. She then turned to see a green-haired man standing at her window, looking right at her. It was Min Yoongi. She stopped as her door closed.

He was looking right at her still, his face void of emotion. In his hand was a letter.

Y/N just looked at him, "Why are you in my room?" He tried to sound confident but she failed.

"Don't act like something you're not." Yoongi's voice was rough as he spoke, "If you're weak, be weak." He scoffed at her, still not changing his expression at any moment.

Y/N looked at him blankly. She wasn't sure what to say or do.

Yoongi laid the note on the windowsill, staring right at her," In three weeks from now, go to your apartment at midnight. Don't snoop around, just do as you're told," He then brushed past her as he opened the door. His voice was cold, "Lock your door." He then left.

She felt the air from his body rush to her and it was freezing. She then took a step forward after locking her door and picked up the note. She opened it and read it quickly.

He is lying to you about everything. Let me explain it later. -KNJ

She knew what initials KNJ stood for. She just wondered whom he was speaking of. She had no clue who to trust or who to listen to. However, Yoongi felt threatening.

She took in a deep breath, taking the purple heart and note to another room where her bed was. She sat it in a dresser, under her undergarments. Nobody would look there.

She stepped back once she closed it and walked towards her bed, the lights still on. She crawled under the covers, watching the door carefully.

She listened in case she heard any sounds or any noises. She waited for any movement of the door and its handle. But nothing ever came.

She looked up at the ceiling, sighing to herself, "What the fuck is happening to me?" She whispered, "I've been here one day and I am already paranoid..." She closed her eyes.

She thought to herself how worried Lola had to be. She hadn't spoken to her all day; she had no way to because of Park Jimin. It pissed her off all at once but she ignored the feeling.

Especially after how Jimin treated her today.

He was such a gentleman, even behind closed doors. It made her feel better all at once and she felt at home as long as he wasn't being a royal prat towards her.

Jungkook was a great assistant even though she'd only met him once today. Hoseok and Jin both seemed very inviting towards her but Yoongi still remained a mystery.

Especially his intentions.

Namjoon scared the shit out of her but she thought more and more and tried to understand how he was. He never attacked her or advanced towards her.

He seemed to be guarding her.

Her head felt heavy as she drifted off to sleep.

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