Chances (FINALE) |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 14|
             Chances (FINALE)

|Park Jimin, 
                         Imagine #3, Part 14| jimin stories

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"How would you feel with becoming my real fiance?"

Chances (FINALE) |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 14|

I'm back for good !!!!!!! I hope you missed me :) I am glad to say I WILL be writing again like I used to! Excuse the ending to this, it was rushed because my hand BUT I will do better! Thanks, loves <3 ~ f_priestly

"Y/N, can you take these to Hoseok for me?" Jimin handed a folder to the girl who stood before him.

She smiled as she took the folders, turning towards the elevator, stepping right in as the doors closed.

Once they opened at the bottom, she stepped out and took a sharp left, going towards an office with a bright red door. She opened it right up, walking in.

Hoseok was nowhere to be found so she dropped the papers on his desk and walked out as quickly as she had come in.

A few minutes later, she came back up to the penthouse, seeing Jimin waiting for her as the elevator doors opened.

"Y/N, I have a proposal," He smiled as he stood straight up, slowly making him way over to her, "You've been here for a few weeks since you first left, correct?"

"Correct." She nodded her head, remembering everything. She hated it. She felt so weak and it pissed her off. However, she let go.

He grinned, "As I said earlier, why don't we make your stay with me permanent?"

Y/N looked right up at him as his body was inches from hers. She didn't speak.

Jimin then touched her forehead, keeping his small finger there, "How would you feel with becoming my real fiance?"

Y/N let her head fall, her heart-stopping, "I can't.." She whispered softly, "You're..." She stopped talking again as she looked back up at him and she took a step back, "That can't happen, can it?"

He smiled as he slowly approached her more, "Anything can happen, Y/N," He smiled as he hugged her, "Just trust me, alright?"

Y/N closed her eyes and took in his smell and body heat. She sighed deeply, just standing there in his arms.

Jimin then whispered in her ear, "We haven't known one another for long and we haven't always... gotten alone but.." He paused, kissing her ear.

Y/N shuttered.

"I want to marry you, if you'll take me," He grinned through his teeth as he kissed her ear again, "So will you?"

She felt Jimin's heart against hers and something erupted in her. A feeling of ecstasy traveled through her and made a slight smile spread across her lips.

She never felt love. She never was loved but she wanted to love. And maybe, just maybe, she could love him.

Her voice was broke and soft as she spoke towards him, her eyes shut tightly, heart beating fastly.


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