Black Hat Hacker (ON HOLD) |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 6|
Black Hat Hacker (ON HOLD)

 |Jeon Jungkook,
                           Imagine #3, Part 6| jungkook stories

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'I need a break to now I'm no longer on the brink of death, thank you very much.'

Black Hat Hacker (ON HOLD) |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 6|

Y/N walked inside the shopping mall, Jungkook holding her hand leading her. She didn't fight it, she didn't look up from the ground. She made sure not to make eye contact with a single soul. She couldn't.

For hours, Y/N trailed behind Jungkook, doing exactly as he said. Soon after, they barley bought a thing, only two bags of clothes for her. He got nothing else and he seemed interested in nothing else.

When they got back home, Y/N noticed exactly where Jungkook had lived since his childhood. In a cabin in the middle of the woods. There was no driveway; it was unnoticeable.

She was now sitting in the bedroom, all alone. She had no clue where Jungkook had went.

She watched the wall, her face blank of all expressions. She then looked back at both doors, seeing they were shut. She then slowly stood up, turning towards the bathroom door.

She walked forward, opening the door. Jungkook wasn't in there. She entered the large room, closing and locking the door behind herself. She then looked in the mirror, taking off the necklace.

She placed it on the sink right as her phone went off. She grabbed it in her back pocket and looked at the only screen that showed on it.

JK: What are you doing in the bathroom with your necklace off?

Y/N stopped, looking at the mirror. But she didn't see anything that looked like a camera. She then looked back at her phone, hearing it go off.

JK: Don't bother looking, you will never know how I watch you. Now, answer my question before I click this button.

Y/N took in a sharp breath, sitting down on the toilet, bouncing her leg. She then started typing, not letting her fingers rest.

Y/N: I need a break to now I'm no longer on the brink of death, thank you very much. JK: The bomb radius is twenty feet. Y/N: You're just comforting. JK: Why did you lock the door? Are you trying to escape?

Y/N: I like the solitude. JK: You can have that in the bedroom. Y/N: Not when I know you can strut your shit right through the door. JK: Don't push me, babygirl.

Y/N: Where did you even go? JK: I went back out but don't think that means anything since you know I can watch you. Y/N: I wouldn't dream of it. JK: Good girl ;) I'll be back home in a few hours. Be good.

Y/N then sat her phone on the counter, her eyes looking at her screen carefully. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at her phone.

He was watching her.

Through the phone screen.

She felt her legs give in as she slowly stood up, looking away from the phone. She grabbed it, opening the door to the bedroom. She then sat the phone on the bed, placing a pillow on it and laying her head down along with her body.

"I'll just sleep until he's back..." She spoke aloud, knowing he could hear her as well. She then just laid there, eyes closed.

A few minutes later, she was silent as she listened for any sounds. Her phone went off but she didn't answer it.

She slowly sat up, careful to not make a sound, or uncover the screen. He couldn't see or hear her. She then slowly stood up, backing her way up to the door.

Her phone went off again.

She then turned to face the door, slowly placing her hand on the knob. She waited for her phone to ring again, but it enver did.

She then slowly turned the handle and opened the door.

She came face-to-face with a strange man with pink hair. He had pictures of girls in his hands.

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