Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 5|
              Black Hat Hacker

 |Jeon Jungkook, 
                            Imagine #3, Part 5| jeonjungkook stories

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"Inside this is a bomb, you try something, I hit the red button on my necklace."

Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 5|

The next morning, Y/N woke up in a bed, covers covering her body completely. She felt cold and sore. She slowly looked over, seeing a body beside her in the bed.

She didn't get a chance to move for the body beside her turned, facing her. It was Jungkook. He was still asleep, just moving around to get into a good position.

Y/N slowly felt herself under the covers, noticing that she was still in the same clothes from yesterday when he hit her in the back of her head before he pressed his lips against hers.

She let out a sigh of air as she slowly turned, facing away from Jungkook. She then felt something wrap around her, pulling her body into his chest.

"Are you trying to escape me so soon?" He seemed disappointed as he spoke. He strengthened his grip around her, "Was the warning not enough? Do I have to show you what I'd do to you?"

She shook her head violently.

"Then go back to sleep and stop moving." He let her go, turning back around in the bed, facing the door to the room.

Y/N felt tears run down her cheeks. She didn't move, she just laid there. She was too scared to do a thing. She was too scared to breathe too loud.

A few minutes later, she heard Jungkook's breathing slow. He seemed to be asleep now. She slowly sat up, the covers dropping from her body. She looked at him but didn't make a move towards the door.

Instead, she just sat there.

She had no clue how long she sat there. But she started to come back into the universe as she felt Jungkook sit up on the other side of the bed. She didn't bother to look at him.

"How about we go shopping today? I can't be seen with someone dressed in commoner clothes." He was standing near the bathroom door now, dressed in his outfit from when Y/N picked him up in her car.

Y/N didn't move or speak.

Jungkook approached her and stood right in front of her, "Is wax in your ears, or do you just not listen to your authority?" He seemed angry when he spoke.

"Won't people recognize you?" She didn't look up at him as she spoke, she just hoped his answer would be yes. She hoped that she could do something.

"You didn't, did you? I have never shown my face before, not told my real name. And if you're thinking of trying something, don't," He smiled, opening a desk droor from beside the bed. He pulled out a small box, like a ring box.

Y/N looked up at him as he held it in front of her face.

"Inside this is a bomb, you try something, I hit the red button on my necklace." He smiled at her and handed it to her, "How about that?" He laughed at her, "You're more fun than the other ones, they didn't last through the night."

Y/N held the box in her hand as Jungkook walked off into the bathroom, shutting the door. She didn't move from where she sat, she just couldn't.

This man was smarter than anyone would and could ever know. He always seemed to be five steps ahead of everyone else, no matter how many precautions they seemed to take. He wasn't sane. Y/N knew that. She could tell.

With the box still in her hand, she opened it, seeing a necklace was inside. A small blinking light was in the gem of the necklace which she figured had to be the bomb.

Knowing what Jungkook wanted, she put the necklace around her neck, careful not to be too rough with it. She then let the empty box fall to the floor as she stared at the white wall before her.

"I'm not going down like this..." She whispered to herself, looking at the closed bathroom door. She could hear the shower running.

Most people would take off the necklace and just run. But Y/N knew better than to do that. Jungkook was everywhere even though he wasn't. He knew everything. He knew every move his opponent was going to take hours before they took it.

A few minutes later, Jungkook exited the bathroom, new clothes on his body. You couldn't even tell that he had injured his arm by his own hand. He looked completely fine.

"Are you ready, babygirl?" He smiled at her, approaching her slowly, "Put this ring on your finger," He then held out an engagement ring, "You've gotta look the part if you're mine."

Y/N let him slip the ring on her finger and then watched him walk towards what looked to be a large, walk-in closet. He went in and she could hear him shuffling through things; probably clothing.

When he came out, he had a wallet in both hands, full of money. You could see how heavily jammed they were with money. One was black. One was red.

He threw the red one on Y/N's lap, "Every week, you get this wallet full of ten thousand dollars as long as you're a good girl for me, understood?"

Y/N just nodded.

Jungkook grinned, "Good! Lets' go out and get you into a proper fit." He laughed as he grabbed her hip, pulling her up into him. He then spun her around, making her walk in front of him. He touched her necklace, making sure it was activated.

Y/N paid attention to his every move.

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