Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 4|
               Black Hat Hacker 

|Jeon Jungkook,
                            Imagine #3, Part 4| blackhathacker stories

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'Don't try to escape me anymore, babygirl. It won't work. I've outsmarted you in more ways than you will ever know. Do you dare to test me?'

Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 4|

Y/N opened her eyes slowly, seeing she was in a dark room. She then looked up, seeing a light that lit up the room very little. She then looked down, seeing she was seated in a chair. On the floor was her phone.

Y/N stood up slowly, turning her head to take in the room. It seemed to be six feet wide and six feet long; like a prison box.

Her phone went off.

She jumped backward as she looked down, her phone screen lit up. The password seemed to have been removed and the screen immediately showed her messages.

She bent over to pick up her phone and stood right back up as she looked at the screen. Her body tensed up as her phone went off again. She had only one choice.

JK: I'm glad to see you're up, babygirl :) JK: Why did you try to run from me? I wasn't violent :( Y/N: Where am I? JK: I think you've got me all wrong. I don't answer questions. I ask.

Y/N: I should have known JK stood for Jungkook. I should never have let you in my car. JK: Why did you run? Y/N: You're a murderer, a rapist, a psychopath. JK: I haven't touched you.

Y/N: You dragged me here against my will after you knocked me out. You kidnapped me. JK: I told you I was in love with you. How could I just let you go? Y/N: Please, let me go. I won't tell. JK: Do you really think I'm dumb?

Y/N: No, I just think you're a crazy son of a bitch that needs to be murdered himself. JK: I'll give you one year exactly and after that, I'll kill you. Y/N: One year to do what? JK: To fall in love with me.

Y/N felt her heart stop as she stared at the message. She started to breathe heavily, her hands starting to shake. She then clicked the back button on her phone but nothing happened. As she tried to power it off, a ding came through.

JK: Don't try to escape me anymore, babygirl. It won't work. I've outsmarted you in more ways than you will ever know. Do you dare to test me?

Y/N felt tears well up in her eyes as she sat on the chair, staring at the phone screen. With shaky hands, she started to reply.

Y/N: No. JK: Good girl. JK: You have 365 days to fall I love with me or I will kill you. If you try to run, a month will be deducted. Understood? Y/N: Yes.

JK: If you try to hurt me or kill me, two months will be deducted, understood? Y/N: Yes. JK: If you try to contact someone about me, I will kill you on the spot. If you look at another man, I will kill you on the spot. Understood?

Y/N: Yes. JK: Finally, if you do not fulfill my needs, three months will be deducted. Do you understand? Y/N: Yes. JK: Good. Now turn off your phone and stay in the chair.

Y/N then turned her phone off, letting it drop to the floor. She then leaned back in the chair, shoving her face between her legs as she brought them up into the chair. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"God, help me... please." Y/N whispered as she slightly rocked herself in the chair, legs against her chest.

She heard footsteps so she looked forward, noticing a door. She hadn't seen it before; she wasn't paying attention due to her phone going off.

She then saw the door slightly open, a crack appearing but nothing, and no one seemed to be there. Y/N then looked at her phone on the ground but didn't bother to move from the chair.

She was too scared to move.

She then saw a dark figure form at the crack and a slim shad appeared in the dimly lit room. She gripped herself tighter as the door slowly opened all the way.

Jungkook stood before her.

A smile was on his face, The infamous killer took steps towards her, never letting his eyes wander from hers. He seemed to look right into her soul as he got right in front of her at the chair.

He then kneeled down, coming eye level with her. She was breathing heavily as he reached out his hands, gripping her face, bringing it closer to his. She fought every will in her body to fight him, to hit him, to scream.

"Sweet babygirl..." He whispered, pulling her face closer to his.

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