Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 1|
            Black Hat Hacker 

 |Jeon Jungkook, 
                            Imagine #3, Part 1| blackhathacker stories

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'That's all I want, then I leave you alone. I think that is a deal big enough since I'm usually very brutal with these things.'

Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 1|

READER WARNING: I did NOT create this Imagine to make Jungkook look bad, I simply want to get a point across by writing this. Instead, I would like to get a plea across. This can happen to anyone if they send ANY type of nude, even if it is to a person they trust. I am sorry if I step on any toes <3 Enjoy, loves ~ !

Black Hat Hacker: Black hat refers to a hacker who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent. A black hat hacker may exploit security vulnerabilities for monetary gain; to steal or destroy private data; or to alter, disrupt or shut down websites and networks.

JK: Hey babygirl, I was wondering if I could see more of that beautiful body of yours ;) Y/N: Do I know you? JK: Everyone knows me. Now, how about it? Y/N: Yeah, no, sorry.

JK: Would you rather be exposed then? Y/N: Excuse me? What are you even threatening me with? JK: I know what you have in your camera roll. It's in mine. Y/N: Who the hell are you?

JK: You can call me JK, that should ring a bell, yes? Y/N: No, it doesn't. Show me what you look like. JK: And expose you afterward? I doubt you want that. Y/N: What the fuck are you saying?

JK: [Image Inserted Here] JK: That's you, babygirl. Y/N: How did you get my nudes? I haven't sent them to anyone. Who the fuck are you??? JK: I can get anything I want from anyone I want. I'm a genius.

Y/N: I said, who are you and how did you get my pictures? JK: I hacked into your phone, how else? I'm good at what I do. Y/N: What do you want from me? JK: That body. You have one hour or your nudes go viral.

JK: Times ticking, babygirl. JK: Tick... JK: Tick... JK: Tick... JK: Tick...

Y/N: Your threats mean nothing to me. Just leave me alone. JK: Oh, you wish I would but I can't. Not after seeing you. You're gorgeous and I want all of you. Y/N: Excuse me?? JK: A few pictures, one video.

Y/N: No. JK: That's all I want, then I leave you alone. I think that is a deal big enough since I'm usually very brutal with these things. Y/N: I said NO. JK: [Image Inserted Here]

JK: I have every single one, you know. And I will put them all out on the web, for everyone to see automatically. Y/N: Why are you doing this to me? JK: I like to have fun. Y/N: I will call the police.

JK: They've looked for me for years, babygirl. They will never find me. They will never catch me. But I will catch you if you try. Y/N: Are you threatening to kill me? JK: I will hack into everything and watch you constantly. How does that sound, babygirl?

Y/N: Leave me alone. JK: Tick... JK: Tick... JK: Tick... Y/N: Please, just.. stop.

JK: Do you agree to my terms? Or are you going to let the whole world see you? Y/N: No, I'm not sending you videos or pictures. I already hate my body enough. I am not going to hate it more for you. JK: Then why don't we meet up and you let me pipe?

Y/N: What does that even mean? JK: Let me fuck you. Y/N: No. JK: And why not? Y/N: I'm a virgin.

JK: And? That only makes it better for me. Y/N: Too bad I'm on my period. JK: A little blood has never hurt anyone, babygirl. So, do we have a deal yet? Y/N: You're sick.

JK: You have fifty minutes, babygirl. The choice is all yours. I'm just the rule maker ;) Y/N: A few pictures are all you want? JK: And a spicy video. Y/N: I am on my period.

JK: Tick ... Tick ... Tick :) Y/N: [Image Inserted Here] Y/N: [Image Inserted Here] Y/N: [Image Inserted Here] JK: Take off your undergarments.

Y/N: No, I already told you, I hate my body. I have done what you asked. JK: I said spicy, not plain. Again. Y/N: ... Please just leave me alone. What else do you want? JK: Get naked for the camera.

Y/N's hands started to shake as she stood before her mirror, looking at her exposed complexion. She was terrified, frightened. She was crying tears of fear. Her vision was blurry and her heart started to hurt. She had done nothing wrong and now here she was; being forced by a stranger.

Y/N: [Image Inserted Here] JK: I think I have made up my mind. Y/N: Are you going to leave me the fuck alone now? Please. JK: Oh no, babygirl. I think I am in love. I won't leave like that :)

Y/N: What the fuck does that mean? What else do you want from me? I have done what you asked so please leave me alone and go bother someone else. (Message Not Delivered)

Y/N's hands started to shake horribly as she lowered herself to the floor, letting her phone fall beside her still exposed body. She shoved her head between her knees and tears started to fall down her face. Terror filled her bloodshot eyes as she started to sob silently to herself. She was 16. And she was as scared as she would ever be.

Her phone never went off.

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