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this chapter is a bit sadder and a bit more emotional. get your tissues.


I got inside and dropped my backpack by the door, with Jungkook doing the same.

The house was empty except for us. “Where are mom and dad?” Jungkook asked. “Work,” I replied blankly.

“How much longer will they be gone?” he asked as I sat down on the couch, “Probably about another few hours,” “Oh, okay,” he went upstairs to his room while I listened to music on my phone.

*Time skip*

It was dark outside and mom and dad still weren’t home yet. I decided to go ask Jungkook if he had heard anything from them.

I opened the door to his room and he was just laying on his bed playing on his phone, “Hey Kook, have you heard anything from mom and dad?” he looked over the top of his phone, “No, why?”

“Are you blind? It’s dark outside,” he looked over at his window and laughed awkwardly, “Heh heh... I must’ve lost track of time,” just then we heard the doorbell ring.

We both walked out onto the landing and saw a police officer through the window. We looked at each other with wide eyes and ran downstairs.

I opened the door slowly but not to slowly because I didn’t want to seem suspicious.

“Uh... hello,” my heart was exploding out of my chest, I was so nervous. The officer was looking slightly behind me, “It’s okay, you don’t have to hide,” she said to Jungkook, who I only just realized was trembling behind my back.

“But I do have sad news for the both of you, your parents were killed, no one knows how, the whole floor of people where they work were mysteriously killed, but don’t worry, you won’t be sent to an orphanage since you are to dangerous, so I am now the one who will be your caretaker, though I will not be here,

“you will call this number anytime you need something,” she handed me a piece of paper, “Your house is now basically owned, and run by the government due to how dangerous you two can be. Just don’t go anything irresponsible for your age,”

“Do you have any questions?” she asked. “I do have one question, how do you know we can be, so called, dangerous?” I asked her, “That’s my little secret,” she said with a smile.

I heard slight whimpering from behind me, it was Jungkook, he was sitting on the stairs crying.

The officer looked over at him, “Hey, come here,” she bent down on her knee. He walked over, still crying, “You’ll be okay, stay strong, I promise it’ll be alright,” she gave him a hug before walking back to her police car and driving away.

I shut the door as I started to tear up myself. “What’s going to happen now?” he asked worried, “I don’t know,” I replied, trying so hard to hold my tears back but failing so badly.

He wrapped his arms around me and cried into my shoulder, I hugged him back not being able to contain myself anymore.

We must’ve cried for at least an hour, with no words spoken to each other, only broken sobs and heavy breathing could be heard through the house.

We started to calm down a bit when the dog came downstairs and started to rub on our legs like a large cat. I giggled slightly and let go of Jungkook bending down to the dog’s eye level and petting him with tears still pouring out of my eyes but with a smile on my face.

Jungkook’s POV I saw her sad smile as she petted the dog that was in front of her as I sat on the stairs. She was obviously depressed, this was to much for even me to handle, so it was even worse for her. I hadn’t even known our parents for that long, she had known them for her whole life, she just found out about her powers, and we both just found out about having a twin.

This was stressful.

This was to much.

Especially for the girl with Red Eyes...

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