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excrucious another battered soul
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“I’ll love you until I don’t.”


I will love you in the beginning of the evening when the sky is tired and releases red into the night.

I will love you early in the dawn when the sun slowly emits red back up into the morning sky.

I will love you even when my eyes are red, bloodshot, and swollen.

I will love you when my face is red and hot with anger.

I will love you when my throat is red and sore from crying out “Why her!?” A thousand times.

I will love you as I flick red cherries onto the cracked sidewalk of some foreign town I found myself in.

I will love you as I consume red. One shot, Two shots, Six.

I will love you when my vision becomes dizzy and blurred and everything is red.

I will love you as I stumble into the street and all the cars lights flash red.

I will love you when red falls from my nose and I begin to question my choices.

I will love you when I can’t remember where I am as I lie on red satin sheets.

I will love you when I become consumed by my destruction and my body is red and dripping.

And after all the pain I will wake up in the morning with all the red faded to a crusty brown, And I will still love you.

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