The Battle of The Night
The Battle of The Night exciting stories

everymanI am all of you. I am Everyman
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Drifting, on Mt. Akina Japan

The Battle of The Night

by everyman

The dark sacred night, was pierced by headlights...

I look in my rearview mirror and see Silvia tailing me, so I push harder but it continues to follow.

Our machines of steel decent the hill, fighting for dominance over the darkly lit mountain road

We approach the first turn and I ripped the hand break,

Its a battle, man verses machine. I fight the car despite very feeling telling me to stop, but I go faster..

I attacked the turn, the V8 thunder shatters night

My heart's jumping out of beat, we slid bumper to bumper fighting every rational sense to pull off

but we continue to push our cars to the limit until we get to the end of the turn.

With my heart still racing I look in my rear view and see no headlights, and only my tier marks on the road. I come to the realization of what happened...

I defeated the ghost of the Mt. Akina...

I grew the day I tackled that turn. Im still here today, drifting..

Drifting to be Free.

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