Eyes Of Electric Blue
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everymanI am all of you. I am Everyman
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To my future girlfriend/wife, I can't wait to find you.

Eyes Of Electric Blue

by everyman

When I walked into the room it felt cold with unfamiliar gray faces,

I was feeling more out of place than a sheep in a lion's den,

until she walked in.

A tumble of blonde curl fell as she removed her winter toque.

It wasn't that bland color that's just a shade nicer than the white of old age, it was streaked with warm reddish hues and butterscotch.

It gave her some warmth, complementing her pale face rather than making her look washed-out.

Then as she turned to look my way I found myself surprised all over again, I was lost in her eyes of electric blue that burned like fire.

I melted away in the ocean of blue.

I felt at home, looking into those eyes.

A light from the hallway glimmered and sparkled in her eyes, making me want her all the more.

Her Cupid's bow red lips surrounded her small mouth with perfect alabaster teeth,

I was lost with feelings of warmth and thoughts of what our future could be.

My thoughts filled with ideas of her,

I was enchanted by her charm, breathless from her smile, and hopeless for her love.

I needed her.

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