I'm tired
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everlovexxI'm a rather emotional person.
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I'm really tired. But I never said that was a bad thing.

I'm tired

by everlovexx

Of all the many things you say

And how they pierce my the walls around my heart

And the many things you do

And how they make me love you

I'm tired of the giggles and tickles

And seeing the skies in your eyes

I'm tired of the crying and the shouting

And the hugging with 'goodbyes'

I'm tired of thinking about

What you had for breakfast, or how well you slept last night

I'm tired of laughing

At everything you say-- especially when it's stupid

I'm tired of going to sleep

And waking up, thinking about only you

So I guess, if I were to sum it all up

I love being tired. I love loving you.

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