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The Broad Museum

The Broad is a contemporary art museum.

The museum is named for philanthropist Eli Broad, who is financing the $140 million building which houses the Broad art collections.

Double America 2

Glenn Ligon is an American conceptual artist whose work explores race, language, desire, sexuality, and identity.


Chuck Close is known as much for his detailed representation of the human face as for his subsequent deconstruction of it.

Balloon Dog (Blue)

Jeff Koons emerged in the 1980s as an innovative sculptor of exquisitely crafted objects, which quickly became icons of art history.


Jeff Koons

Roy Toy

The large, bold artworks of Barbara Kruger assimilate words and images from the deluge of contemporary mass media.

Untitled (Your Body is a Battleground)

Barbara Kruger

Eat, Sleep, Drink

Richard Prince emerged in the late 1970s among a group of artists using conceptual photographic strategies, including Cindy Sherman, Sherrie Levine, and others.

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