The Train Station of Life and Death
The Train Station of 
Life and Death station stories

ethernia indolent, insolent, insomniac
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The afterlife is mysterious. The border between life and death is mysterious. These unsolved mysteries and untold tales could only be left to the imagination of the living.

The Train Station of Life and Death

The bell jingled in the station clad in eternal crimson, heralding the gloomy rattles of the steely serpent. Another soul was ready to depart.

An ethereal figure with tattered hat gestured me to come closer. I moved to its will, before realizing my legs weren't present, neither were my arms, or my corporeal form. It was figuratively and literally an out-of-body experience, to move without a body or a will.

The beast bellowed in the distant as the passengers, wisps of blue, were packed inside the decrepit carriages. It hummed to life and transported them all to... somewhere. Come to think of it. Where was I?

The figure didn't allow me more time to think, and handed— well, levitated— a blue ticket that stuck itself like a magnet to my... body? It was surreal to look down and see not a human torso but a flickering azure flame, moving on its own.

The figure with a tattered hat, lean and skeletal, gestured me to a direction, to which "my body" followed without my consent or volition. I was joining a sea of blue flames in a jam-packed station. How did I get here? Could this all be a surreal dream?

It felt like hours. It felt like days. It felt like months. It felt like years. The train had yet to return. Yet, the crimson sky never wavered.

I could see from my peripherals something changing. My ticket was slowly turning to red. I didn't know what that change meant, and observed as a war of the colors ensued in my ticket. There was nothing else better to do. Even if there was, I wasn't able to move according to my will.

Something else caught my attention. The figure with a tattered hat. It raised its bony arm and blew into what seemed like a whistle. The shrill shriek deafened me.

Just then, several flames gathered around its arm and flew off into different directions, their tickets were left to the tattered figure. They were blue, with coils of yellow stripes.

My ticket was now as red as the skies. I noticed several flames with tickets just as red. More flames came in to this station as time flies, with purely blue tickets. Some flames got out with the blow of a screeching whistle.

Until a little bell jingled in the dead of the silence, and without delay, a train could be heard from the distance. My ticket was now burgundy red. So were the tickets of many other flames. The rattles of the wheels got louder and louder as the howling came to a halt in front of the station.

I was then pulled towards the belly of this unfeeling monster. So were the other flames, with tickets as red as mine. We departed from the station to a place I knew not. However, there was a sinking feeling where my chest would have been. A feeling that this train was not taking me back to the land of the living.

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