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eternalI try to be alive
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It's life and it's happening

Around the world

by eternal

What are you doing right now?

Are you content right now?

What are you thinking about?

Do you have thought about yourself?

Change is good and it's inevitable

You are important, you really are and you owe to yourself to create something of your own. Make yourself proud, dance and don't care or say the thing you've been holding in for so long. You shoul

You should

You should explore You should feel something new for once in a while You should scream You should love deeply You should feel powerful And most of all, You should care about yourself,l


Don't wait Just . Don't . Wait. Take the time that you're given and use it. Use it as you please Whatever step you take just take one. Go Just go Start now


Just forget about everything why it's maybe not gonna work Forget it It doesn't exist anymore You are in power now Please Just be fucking incredible

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