Winter Prayer
Winter Prayer winter stories
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esperanza079 A wannabe poet and tortured artist
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a poem for another season I enjoy

Winter Prayer

The snow in the air falls slowly and silently.

Crisp midnight,

Crisp midnight, chilled moonlight,

Crisp midnight, chilled moonlight, so lonely.

Cold diamonds and pearls frozen in the frigid sky.

Sweet starlight,

Sweet starlight, shining bright,

Sweet starlight, shining bright, is unending.

Do you remember our happier times?

Do you remember our happier times? Do you remember those summer days?

Our bittersweet hearts lost in ice and snow.

Where are you?

Where are you? Are you in the fields and sky?

Are you near?

Are you near? Lost in the memories I cling to now.

Where are you, dear?

Where are you, dear? Pray for me so that I may rest in peace.

The night painted blue with silver and angel-white.

The warmth of your love has come to me.

Our winter will end:

Our winter will end: together, we'll be again.

Come hither to my side,

Come hither to my side, there's nothing to hide.

Heaven is where I can be right beside you.

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