Comedy & Tragedy
Comedy & Tragedy ghost stories
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esperanza079 A wannabe poet and tortured artist
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a poetic story about a ghost

Comedy & Tragedy

From my hands, the precious jewel you left me fell to the ground.

Shattered and broken, scattered and lost, I am nothing now.

The warmth of an early summer rain encases my withered heart.

A trembling wallflower, a phantom in the garden, a burden.

Rosemary and sapphire, pearl and lace, pure white and blood red.

Our love was a tragedy and a catastrophe.

In the cold fruit of death sleep the cruel seeds of life.

Pomegranates and hope are just false promises.

A bittersweet comedy holding my memory.

Golden apples and time are just false eulogies.

Rose petals choking my lungs, thoughts of what could have been.

I am plagued by sleeplessness and squandered praises.

Your indifference sings and cries a cacophonous requiem for me.

In the rosy dawn, the searing noontide, the ephemeral twilight.

I will remain here, lovely and abandoned, devastated and haunting.

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